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Noob question: Why don't people take bear stance?


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Learning ranger currently (doing mostly open world but planning to step into PvE/PvP) and it seems like almost every build takes WHaO, with the occasional unguent or bear stance (typically in PvP.) I get that the boon sharing with WHaO is good, but I feel like the boons I would already have on myself when I use the skill I either am able to maintain a decent enough uptime already, or, in the case of might, I stay at a pretty high number of stacks as is. I've been using bear stance lately and while it sucks big time against enemies who don't apply conditions, the base heal isn't that much worse than the alternatives, and the condition cleanse/heal seem really nice on Ranger since it seems pretty lacking in condition defense. Also, I'm running the stance trait and have been using dolyak/one wolf pack also (and sometimes moa stance in place of sic em, which is probably not correct) which makes bear stance a bit better. What am I missing? Why makes this skill worse than the alternatives that I'm not seeing? Thanks and sorry for the silly question

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Bear Stance is simply very situational. It is very good at handling a lot of conditions at once, but also has high downtime and pretty low healing output when no condis are applied (as opposed to healing spring for example which provides more cleansing over time and more reliable healing). Without condis WHaO provides more than twice as much healing over the course of a fight in PvE thanks to its very low cooldown, the boons are just the icing on the cake. For the stance trait you also have to give up a pretty decent dps trait (especially if you are solo and don't get any value out of the stance share), while the command trait is something you want to run anyway for Sic Em.

Overall Bear Stance is still fine imo, especially in PvP/WvW where it enables builds to not run Wilderness Survival and the grp utility is also nice. And when condis are a concern in PvE and Bear Stance helps you with that, then by all means, use it.


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