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What I hoped the canthan spec would have been


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Name: Wizard

Lore: With the rise of the canthan technology through the use of Jade energy, elementalists gradually stoped channeling elements into their weapons and started to channel jade energy into them instead. Throught the study of jade energy, the wizards learned to imbue elements into technologic contraptions that they use as one would use traps.


- Wizard can now swap weapons in combat.

- Attunments now change into temporary moving fields centered at the wizard feets. Last 5 seconds on use, CD 15s, base radius 60. (CD affected by traits that reduce specific element CD like pyromancer training, elemental enchantment and celerity. Peristing flame increase duration of the fire attunment by 2s). This mean that a fire/arcane/Wizard would be able to have a 7s fire field at it's feet on a 7.5s CD if under celerity.

- Fire attunment: Cast a fire field that move with you and empower you. Gain 10s might every second. Fire field. Radius 60. Duration 5s. CD 15s.

- Water attunment: Cast a water field that move with you and grant you resolution. Gain 1.5s resolution every second. Water field. Radius 60. Duration 5s. CD 15s.

- Air attunment: Cast a lightning field that move with you and grant you quickness. Gain 1.5s quickness every second. Lightning field. Radius 60. Duration 5s. CD 15s.

- Earth attunment: Cast a poison field that move with you and grant you protection. Gain 1.5s protection every second. Poison field. Radius 60. Duration 5s. CD 15s.


Staff: The wizard staff is used at melee/mid range.

Staff#1: Jade wave: make a powerful wave hiting up to 5 foes in a cone in front of you. Range 300.

Staff#2: Jade blow: damage nearby foes with a mighty ground slam. blast finisher. 5 targets. Range 300. Radius 180. 4s CD.

Staff#3: Jaden arc: Strike enemies in front of you and roll backward. leap finisher. Distance 300. 10s CD.

Staff#4: Jade whirl: Whirl with your staff. 5 target, 9 hits, radius 130. Whirl finisher. 20s CD.

Staff#5: Jade Ward: Create a line in front of you that foes can't pass. 30s CD.

Dagger: The wizard dagger is used at melee range.

Dagger#1: Jade whip: Lash your foe with jade waves. range 240.

Dagger#2: Jade ring: Blast the area, creating a shockwave that deal damage afterward. Blast finisher. Blast radius 180. Final shockwave radius 240. 6s CD.

Dagger#3: Jade surge: slide forward to strike your foe, evading incoming attacks. Leap finisher. Range 600. 10s CD.

Dagger#4: Jade flury: Fire multiple jade daggers at your foe. 9 hits. Projectile finisher. Range 900. 20s CD.

Dagger#5: Jade stomp: Stomp the floor dealing damage and knocking down foes around you. Radius 240. 30s CD.

Scepter: Mid range weapon.

Scepter#1: Jade beam: cast a beam of jade energy that grow strong as time pass at your foe. Range 900. 3s Channel.

Scepter#2: Jade bomb: leave a jade bomb and teleport away from your foe. Jade bomb delay 1s. Teleport range 1200. leap finisher. 6s CD.

Scepter#3: Jade meteor: Hurl a Jade rock to the targeted area dealing damage and bleeding foes on impact. Range 900. projectile finisher. 10s CD.

Focus: Defensive off-hand.

Focus#4-1: Jade shield: create a jade shield blocking 3 incoming attack. 20s CD.

Focus#4-2: Detonate: destroy your jade shield to blast the area, sending jade shards around you. Blast finisher. Radius 300.

Focus#5: Jade skin: Surround yourself in jade energy reducing incoming damage and condition damage by 30% and losing condition periodically. Duration 5s. Tic 2s. 30s CD.

Rifle: Long range weapon.

Rifle#1: Jade bullet: Fire a jade bullet to your foe bleeding it. 20% projectile finisher. 1200 range.

Rifle#2-1: Jade barrier: Enveloppe yourself in a jade barrier that increase your toughness. Duration 30s. Toughness +250. CD 15s.

Rifle#2-2: Hurl: Hurl the jade from your barrier at your foe dealing damage and bleeding it for each jade fragment. Projectile finisher. 5 hit. 1200 range. 10s CD.

Rifle#3: Jade storm: Launch a slow moving jade storm throwing jade fragments periodically. Projectile finisher. interval: 2s. Radius 300. 1200 range. 15s CD.

Rifle#4: Soak: Draw element from nearby combo field imbuing your next 10 hits. Fire: burn (2s). Poison: poison (6s). ice: Chill (2s). Lightning: weakness (2s). Light: vulnerability (8s). Etheral: confusion (4s). Dark: torment (4s). Water: Slow (2s). Smoke: blind (1s). 20s CD.

Rifle#5: Jade shell: Blast the area around you dealing damage and fire a shell that launch your foe on impact. Blast finisher. 600 range. 30s CD.


Trap#heal: Water trap: heal yourself and lay a trap that will leave a healing water field when triggered. Duration 4s. Radius: 300. CD 30s.

Trap#1: Ice trap: Leave a ice trap that blast a powerfull wave of chilling air when triggered. Blast finisher. Chill (3s) Radius 300. CD 20s.

Trap#2: Fire trap: Leave a fire trap that explode in a fiery storm when triggered. Whirl finisher. Duration 5s. Interval 1s. Hit x6. Radius 300. CD 25s.

Trap#3: Lightning trap: Leave a lightning trap that periodically daze foe in the area when triggered. Lightning field. Daze 0.5s. Interval 2s. Duration: 6s. CD 40s.

Trap#4: Fragmentation trap: Leave a trap that deal damage, stun and bleed foes in the area when triggered. Stun 1s. 5 bleed (8s). CD 40s.

Trap#elite: Magnetic trap: Leave a trap that reflect projectiles and periodically slow foes that stand within when triggered. Duration 10s. Interval 1s. Slow: 1s. raidus 300. CD 60s.


Minors: Reduce weapon swap by 20% and gain alacrity (2s) on weapon swap/Weapon swap grant quickness (2s) and reduce attunment fields CD by 2s

Upper traitline: Defensive traitline: Weapon skills with leap finishers now cripple and weaken foes/Using an attunment grant you barrier/Gain damage reduction buff for each attunment field you stand within

Middle traitline: Offensive traitline: Riffle trait, minor Soak now proc on a succesfull interupt/Attunment fields pulse fury/Gain damage buff for each attunment field you stand within

Lower traitline: Utility traitline: Trap trait, you can now trigger your traps/Whenever and attunment field end, lose 3 conditions/Increase attunment field radisu to 300, allies within the radius now also gain the boons from your attunment fields.


Note that it's my personal opinion and it wouldn't have taken more out of the devs staff to create this than the Catalyst.

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I see where you are coming from, but I think there is a reason why elite specs so far have changed existing weapons as little as possible to this day (at most, usually one skill is changed, like the dual wield skill 3 of weaver or giving 1 of mirage a new ambush skill, or new stealth upgrades for deadeye).

Completely reworking and changing weapons for an elite soec alienates the players quite alot, weapons are a big part of the gameplay of our classes. It's good in my book that we can fall back to the weapon choices we are already familiar with when playing an elite spec.

So I kinda doubt that such a massively different elite spec will happen anytime soon. I like the idea of losing 2 attunements in favour of a weapon swap personally. 

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