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AutoHotkey and chat macros


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Good day to you all!
I would like to know if it's against ToS to use programs like AutoHotkey (simulating key presses) to send multiple one-line messages to the chat. In my case, I want to use AHK's hotstring feature (for example you type "btw" and script replaces it with "by the way") to print myself various Waypoint lists (treasure mushrooms, provisioner tokens, sunken chests, etc.). For now I've been using it to print a single message (which is basically just like using copy and paste except it doesn't mess with my system's clipboard) to my solo guild channel (and I plan to send all those messages just there - my convenience will not come at the inconvenience of others), but I'd prefer to send multiple messages to create something like a nicely formatted list.

I figure that even in the event I somehow send those messages to other chat channels (which I don't see ever happening since the first thing the script does is switch to private guild channel before doing anything else) those that don't like that could just block me. I think there's also anti-spam built-in, isn't it?

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Seems like in my case, I'm not infringing on any rules here. Definitely nowhere near any "cannot" points, unless saving 10 or so seconds to get a list of waypoints is somehow "unfair advantage".

If anyone knows of a case where chat macro resulted in a ban (and I don't mean literal spam or insults), please let me know. 

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If you have a a free guild-slot, you can create a new-guild for 2 gold and use its Message of the Day (MotD). You can fill it with links and text up to 999 characters. Assign that guild-chat to a specific chat-tab. Upon re-representing (uncheck => check again) that personal guild, the MotD reloads in your chat-tab again. 

This is how I do it. Works, does not touch any of the rules and does not bother any other players ^^.

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It would be extremely hard to prove that chatting more would give you an advantage over other players.  It could be abused, but that would fall under spam anyways.

The rules are more to prevent automated play, or actual cheating in content. Merely speaking in chat would not gain you anything unfairly.

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