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DX11 weird lag

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Tested on 2070 Super and 3070, 120Hz, 4k.


DX11 enabled, tested in places where I get almost constant 120 fps,
there is a weird lag, similar to input lag
(dunno, DX9 had DirectInput, maybe this difference matters).


I'm using Logitech G903, 6400 dpi,
making rapid moves shows that with DX11
the image is slightly delayed.


DX9 works fine (still).


Btw, wtb Nvidia Reflex (and DLSS of course).


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Yes. I feel this too. I feel noticeable input lag while playing with dx11. Moving around and even rotating camera feels unnatural and weird. 


It is NOT server/connectiong lag, which would be visible mostly when using skills and interacting with the game objects.


EDIT: I've heard the Dx11 checkbox forces vsync on. I disabled vsync globally in my Nvidia control panel and it seems to be back to what I'm used to.

Edited by Zychuu.7294
Found out the 'fix'
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