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Make Jade Sphere Instant-Cast


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As profession mechanic sphere to my opinion needs some tweaks:

1. No activation cooldown on attunement swap.

2. Disable turn-off option (why would I want to disable buff-combo-damage maker in fighting game? Nonesense). Better is to make it moveable like Revenant's centaur tablet or make F5 burst skill, like some detonation. Or both depending on traits. At least, just make turning off like a flashlight: if you don't need light now, next time you just click it on, without plugging batteries off, disposing of them, going to store for new pack, plug it in, and turn on just for a second, turn off and repeat cycle again.

3. Rework traits. All of them. Make them complex. No tweakable support traits on sphere. For support use Tempest elite.

4. Charge it at 100% when off-fight, like health, because it's core spec mechanic. It's not fight-lore dependant like rage (of fight) or necro-cloak (based on living beings' energy) and not core-class resourse like Revenant's energy (for that we have attunemets recharge). Some lore-profession-concepts from me next: it's like pouring water from the river: water is there all the time and it just runs anywhere you want when you "command" it to run, so Elementalist's energy flows into sphere all the time, and if in a fight there is some restraint due to using energy 4 battling, why there is no free-charging it off-fight? Maybe even not instantly, just like 2 point/sec.

4. No way to sustain it during it's active phase. It may be high risk high reward, but why not?

In a conclusion it's clunky: we got cooldown on hammer, on attunements, on utilities, and now on sphere there is three of them: wait at beginning of fight, and you must strike to charge it, wait for it's recharge after expiring or turning off and charge it from zero again (sic!). It's static so enemies who move freely can just leave it's zone and you'll be forced to leave it too. Completely burst one-timer, also with lots of hard conditions to use, mostly timings, due to complex Elementalist's  gameplay nature it's non-profitable outside of some kind of support. More like it's an utility, which you can choose, not core mechanic.

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