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Best Websites for Builds?


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metabattle.com is the most commonly referenced site I would say. It has good builds but also not so good or niche so be careful before going deep on buying based on the build listings alone.

gw2hardstuck.gg this is a good site all modes its a pretty good one


Snowcrows.com is another very popular site that has a good list of raid builds and also info about raiding.

Lucky-noobs.com is one of my favorite sites for raid builds. They are very similar to snowcrows but I would say they might be a bit more up to date and better polished.


discretize.eu this site has good info about fractals and what the current meta is as well as basic advice on usage for each build.


I do less of this right now, but..


hardstuck.gg again

godsofpvp.net was good a few years ago for pvp. Im not sure if its still up to date on current meta or not.


Other Guild, fan sites, or even certain discords also can have good build info. Hope that helps you on your quest. Anything specific you are looking to find?

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