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NA Ranger Seeking Guild


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Hey everyone,

With the announcement of Alliances and the dismantling of world servers, I realized I won't much enjoy these changes without a dedicated guild. Playing with the same group is a big part of wvw experience. Seeing if your favorite commander is online, or which parts your world is pushing.

I was wondering if any fun guilds in NA would like a Ranger in their ranks?

I'm 32 from Canada (-4GMT), and I work as an engineer and scientist in real life, developing sustainable technologies. Big time nature lover, which is why I'm decided to focus more on Ranger during my limited game time. 

I'm not a regular player, but I'd be more than happy to find a new WvW guild that I can join into, and rekindle my love of WvW. I'm hoping for a large enough guild, so that we can maintain a sense of community in WvW, with familiar faces and friends. 

Let me know if you're interested or willing to let this oldschool player join your ranks. My pets can do favors too... 😉 

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