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Catalyst F5 mechanic suggestion


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I'm gonna keep this short cause I am virtually certain it will be ignored. But I can't help but shout my suggestion into the void. Big picture points, fill out the details to your heart's content.


- F5 is removed. Every attunement gets the possibility of placing a symbol on the ground ( double tapping similar to Tempest ). This symbol has to be large and a combo field, it's supposed to be a class mechanic not something you can negate with a dodge. Big enough to comfortably not run out of it using any evade skills ( your skills as Ele, not talking about other profession ).

- Keep the energy system but place it near your evade bar, similar to the Skyscale flying bar. 

- Energy and the field's DMG and/or "usefulness" (depending on its mechanic) increases based on "compatible elements" combos. Eg. you place a fire symbol and using earth finishers ( combo ) grants you energy to maintain the field and inflicts burning . Up is now down. Earth skills now burn. Fire skills bleed, water skills shock, air skills heal. The idea here is not to merely invert the DMG conditions but to give you a way to attach them to skills that have a larger hitbox/AOE or some such thing. Eg. same skill being used in 2 different situations returns completely different results.

- Using any attunement skill inside  a combo field comes with some small but cool animation (eg. using fire dash inside a lightning field gives a lightning trail ).

- Traits could be constructed in such a way as to improve build diversity. Eg. transmutation ( for those wishing to tune their symbols for condi swaps as mentioned above ),  combo master ( strike DMG increased in compatible attunements fields eg. while inside symbol an earth skill does more strike DMG if also used inside a fire field), battle mage ( interacting with the symbol in some way builds up a healing/whatever team support boon and releases it ).


I feel like the above would be a good way to go about it and would also have the awesome benefit of being usable with core weapons. This is just a suggestion folks, treat it as such.

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