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DX11 still crashing


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Since game just got updated and patch notes said that a DX11 crash was fixed I decided to test it out again. Did a whole south drizzlewood coast without a crash. Once it was done and I teleported to divinity's reach, 2 seconds in, game froze.  

Could not load back into divinity's reach to turn off DX11, about 1-2s after loading the game would just freeze. Had to load another character that wasn't in divinity's reach.  

Which is a shame because the performance boost is great but always just seems to freeze/crash...

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Interestingly enough I have the DX11 on and it worked fine even up until this afternoon. Logged in tonight, minor patch happens, now I freeze lock after about 5 mins. I am running the Repair Data Archive just to make sure I don't have a corrupt file(s). But kitten was hoping to farm some sweet SW RIBA content tonight.

Update: The Repair Data Archive did not work so I deleted all my game files and did a fresh install. Once that was done I logged in and made sure DX11 was NOT checked. I haven't crashed since.  

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