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The Doctor is looking for up to 15 companions


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For solo level 80 players that need companions for adventure in Tyria

Like me, do you have a level 80 character but are still new to factual, raid, and dungeon, or maybe you need lots of gold or where to go farming for items? That is why I created a small guild is so everyone can have a chance to learn from each other, earn and have fun. Veterans are welcome if you don't mind the slow pace.

If you want to join:

  1. Have discord

  2. Adult only

  3. Let me know what type of character you have (also add craft)

  4. What would you like to do or learn in the game

  5. Have POF and HOT

  6. Time of available for factual raid and dungeon (NA server)

See you in ~~Gallifrey~~ Tyria


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