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OMG This Beta and Sorry for the Cringe Post. Still love this mode.


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1. Catalyst is a late April Fool's joke. It will be cheaper to start a fresh elite from scratch than to fix this mish-mash of "aha" moments from ppl they hired off of Fiverr. 

2. Warrior Blade can be fixed 

3. Vindi - yet again another bunker. 


Oh and sorry for that Last Post cringe thread I wrote. I was tipsy AF and had business people at my place for a single malt whiskey tasting party. I tasted a bit too much.


Forgive me, I live a weird charmed life and got all sensitive from sexist jokes coz tipsy. Forgot what I wrote. I was typing on my MBP Pro pretending to work when my visitors were here (I know bad host). Despite my busy schedule, I still care and play this dead game mode because I truly care about its future and I love the mechanics. 


To top it off, I've met some incredibly amazing people in this game. Most no longer play. 


Since I can assure that we are mostly human on these threads, to keep us all entertained, I vote for the whiskey in the middle - ardbeg corryvreckan, 5 star rating from 90 votes on the whiskey exchange. 


Good Stuff


Again, sorry for cringe post. Hoping it kept some of you entertained tho. 

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