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Is there any way I can disable some infusion effects?

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I like that to disable ghostly aura effect i can just set the animation quality to low, i recently got a lucky drop of celestial infusion chest from fractal, while I like the free +9 agony and +5 stat boots for my character I hate the effect that it gives to my character and setting animation to low doesnt help unlike ghostly infusion. i dont care if other players slot every infusions in existence in their single character but I prefer my own character to look normal.

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That could have been solved had anet introduced the long-asked for suggestion of giving special effects (like infusion effects, and stuff like frost aquabreathers, or wintersday/halloween pauldrons) their own wardrobe category. In that case you could always pick a "non-effect" option for a slot whose effects you didn't like.

Unfortunately, it didn't get implemented yet, so the only way to not see the effects is to not use the item.

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16 hours ago, ardhikaizecson.3697 said:

Red celestial infusion is account bound

Oh well, you could ask to make it not Account bound. Since the blue one is also not. I think this is even more likely to happen than sth that disables infusions effects since they are for exactly this: effects.

The thing @Astralporing.1957said could also work and i would like it. But will anet ever doing this? Making some infusions free to sell instead of account bound would be easier for them and would still solve the problem of the OP for example. Because s/he can buy a new infusion without effect then.

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There are many infusions available without effects which are relatively cheap, so if you just want the stats and no effect you can use one of those: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Infusion


Unfortunately there's no way you can use the celestial infusion without the effect and nothing you can do with it except use it. It's a shame that one isn't tradable, it's annoying to be stuck with an item you don't want and know other players would want but you can't sell (or even give) it to them.

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Yeah, hoping they add something in merchant that allows us to exchange special infusion to regular no effect one. or you know making it not account bound. I like the more subtle effect in Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion (Gray) infusion as I barely notices the effect it gives and it's dirt cheap on tp. I also have friend that just got lucky drop of abyssal infusion and he refused to use it because of the effect and just sitting there in his bank.

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