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Excessively complex Bladesworn overhaul idea


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Probably not realistic, but I did a lot of thinking while running around as a bladesworn so far and have had loads  of  ideas. This overhaul focuses on  the gunsaber, and turning it into more of a 3  handed weapon of great potency.


First change, is when you have the bladesworn elite spec selected, one of your weapon sets is designated as the gunsaber. Initially, you can place in a sword and a pistol, from which it gets the benefits of the sigils and stats, but otherwise functions the same as it does currently. Dragontrigger  would return to being F1, and when activated would swap you to the gunsaber automatically (no needing to be on it), and it doesn't trigger the cooldown again after slashing.


Then the more intense part. Replace one of the trait tiers with 3 new traits, which all directly modify the gunsaber (and thus everything else to do with it). There are 3 options:

  • Great Saber - changes the Saber to be a Greatsword and a pistol, getting benefits of both (probably slight reduction  to  the  benefits,  but idea is  it's  a 3 handed  weapon).  The  attacks  are  buffed for more direct attacking, and while wielding it it counts as a greatsword, benefiting from the trait that buffs greatswords. The  slashes remain slow, are short ranged, and do heavy hit damage.
  • Cannon Saber - changes the Saber  to be  a sword and Rifle, getting the benefits of both (probably slight reduction to the  benefits, but idea is it's a 3 handed weapon). The attacks are shifted to ranged attacks and better ranged  options, keeping a melee chain still,  and when wielded  it counts as a ranged weapon  for trait  buffs. The  slashes  become  longer  ranged, with  less  cleave but pierce instead, but charge slowly still.
  • Gun Saber Master - the Saber remains sword and rifle, but the attacks become noticeably faster and more mobile. When wielded it  counts  as  a sword, and  the  attacks remain  similar,  but generally faster, trading raw damage  for speed and mobility skills. The slashes charge quickly, and  remain versatile if unexceptional, but you can move slowly while charging (better than not at all).


The next idea is disconnected, but mostly made with that  one in mind,  but is in regards to  cosmetics, and assumes that you can at least access a blade/firearm for cosmetics. 


Let the gunsaber be sheathed, but also leave the sheath there when it's not the active weapon, as a mark of being a bladesworn.


Make the cosmetics for the gunsaber modular. That meaning, you can select a skin for  the  blade and a skin for the firearm seperately, and they  simply are both on the skin. The skins would have to be made with this in mind, but would much more limited than what we have for weapons currently, with probably only a few non-legendary options. As for legendary options though, each one should have a skin option for each legendary that can  be put there (swords & greatswords, pistols & rifles in this case). It doesn't apply the exact skin, but you get the passive cosmetic benefits and the skin is more inspired by it. If both are legendary, you only get the passive cosmetics from the 'larger' one, ie Greatsword, sword for sword/pistol, and rifle. This would massively increase the variety in appearance for the gunblades across the playerbase.


I realise this suggestion is probably way too massive of an overhaul, but it's mostly me throwing every idea I have for it at once, both cosmetic and design in general. It would also  hopefully make the locking out one weapon set less disruptive, since it  would become just a flat weapon option. It may also give it more versatility, as essentially a new weapon, and let people just have a more fun time with it's fashion.

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