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Is there any lore on Queen Jenna's throne room big magical stone?

Knuckle Joe.7408

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In past discussions, people had brought up seeing a dev comment on it being of relevance, but no source was ever found or shown.

So far it seems to just be your stereotypical fantasy magical element.

It does remind me a bit of the druid stones in GW1, such as one found in Fort Koga in GW1: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/File:Fort_Koga_CU.jpg But it's mostly just the glowing circle-with-lines in stone/wood that makes it similar, which again is fairly generic. Exact design is different. These designs in GW1 were used for the Maguuma resurrection shrines as well, which has become effectively defunct in GW2 (for no stated reason).

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16 hours ago, ugrakarma.9416 said:

Probably a forgotten/discontinued referece to a sort of bloodstone, since Queen Jennah ancestor was King Doric.


Not very likely, since bloodstones are and always have been red with blackened stone around it. This would be the very opposite visually.

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I do recall some old theories about that throne potentially being the fifth bloodstone, also known as the keystone, that has the power to unite the other four bloodstones into one whole Bloodstone. While the throne doesn't look at all like bloodstones that we've seen so far, perhaps the keystone could be different in looks due to magic hijinks (even though such seems unlikely as all the five stones come from the original stone and should share its looks).


The somewhat unreliable narrative of Thadeus Lamont's History of Tyria book does claim that the gods charged Doric's bloodline to guard the bloodstones. Jennah is the only known descendant of Doric (aside from the hidden heir that the Krytan royal locket and the Order of Whispers seem to know about), so her or the hidden heir's story could yet be tied to the mystery of the keystone that holds the power to return the sundered bloodstones (aside from the destroyed Maguuma Bloodstone) to their original form. 🙂


Wars broke out immediately as the magical races fought for dominance. So much destruction was wrought that humans found themselves at the edge of extinction. When all seemed lost, it was King Doric, the leader of the united human tribes himself, who made the long trek to Arah, the city of the gods, on the Orrian peninsula. He gained an audience with the creators and begged them to help, to stop the wars and bring peace to the land once again. 

The gods heard his pleas, and they intervened.

The forging of the world was complete. As their final act, the gods gathered back their gift of magic from all the races and trapped it inside a tall stone. They smashed the stone into five parts—four equal but opposing stones of magic, and one keystone. Without the keystone, the other four couldn’t be reassembled. [...]
The gods told King Doric that since he had asked for peace, he and his descendants must carry the burden of protecting the stones. As an additional precaution, they used a drop of King Doric’s blood to seal each of the stones. (Source)


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