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Hi Guys,

If you are looking for a friendly and social guild based on the EU servers with IST timings, offering an active Discord server and welcoming both new and veteran players , then look no further .We are searching for our fellow Tyrians to join us and a friendly community to grow further with.

GW2 In-Game Features:

  • In-Game and Social Guild Events with Prizes.
  • Weekly Strikes and Raid Training.
  • Twice-weekly Static Raids.
  • Daily T4 Fractal and CM runs.
  • Daily PvP ranked and unraked.
  • With alliance coming up, we will be doing WvW more.
  • Level 13 Guild hall with 5% Guild waypoint Discount.
  • No Rep Requirement.

Our Discord Features:

  • Organized Active Social Discord Server.
  • Fun and Friendly Community.
  • Large Selection of LFG Roles for all GW2 Content.
  • Discord only events.

Time-zone: Gmt+5:30

Guild Population: 100+ members in discord and in guild in-game with 20+ members active daily.

All players who are comfortable with the time-zone are welcome ^_^

Comment or direct message me I will invite Let's have fun gaming

Raid Bosses We have done :D

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