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Spacial Surge Animation Change

Geary Digit.3540

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As someone who plays almost exclusively Charr and Asura, I always found Spacial Surge, the Greatsword 1 Skill, to be visually underwhelming. It wasn't until recently I learned that the reason is because Charr and Asura both use a totally different animation that Norn, Sylvari, and Humans do, who, rather than just sticking the sword out in the air, spin it radially between their hands. Not only does the N/S/H version look way more interesting than the C/A version, but it makes Exordium, the first legendary I crafted, look way cooler than it does stationary.


I know this isn't a major issue, but I very much would like to see the Charr and Asura animations for Spacial Surge changed to be more similar to the N/S/H animations to give them the proper visual flair.

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I also prefer the asura GS1 animation over the floaty one. It feels physically satisfying along with how asura perform all their other animations, especially given their relative size. Playing power shatter on an asura feels more like a warrior with butterflies (also preferred old "by the power of greyskull!" GS4 animation) due to how they swing their weapons around.


Charr animation is also cool.


One solution would be animation packs on the gemstoee and let players choose.

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