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Upcoming Balance Update

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@Cyber Locc.9836 said:That is true, and when that happens, the player turns to PvP to play in it, give there all, and do something new fun and exicitng. Which is not what he said, he stated they go into PvP strictly to farm the rewards, and they don't particapte in the macth. Which is a fallacy.

Which is not what I said, so please link to the person you're talking about.

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@"Cyber Locc.9836" said:There team is likely too small, to have a bigger team requires more money, more money requires more players, more players require better balance, which requires more money.

There's this misconception I keep seeing around here, something about a lack of funds. This is no poor company. They have money. What they (and that is to say: their financial department) may not have is a desire to invest in "balance". Why? Because it would, apparently, not be sufficiently profitable.

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