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Why is the Desert Borderland disliked?

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Congratulations, you've kicked the hornet's nest! DBL was designed for a version of WvW that had long since ceased to exist by the time it was released.  If you go onto the old forums and look at p

You can draw your own conclusion but first let me tell you its history. -At first there was an event in the middle of the map where you collect power core to power the Skysplitter, a massive laser

It has to do with the where the "fight lanes" are and the distances between them.  For example both the northern and southern towers no longer offer any strategic value.  So those fight lanes have ess

On 9/27/2021 at 2:55 PM, Xenesis.6389 said:


Having familiar names over all three maps is not a bad thing, it makes it easier to respond quickly without having to look up stuff (which is why I hate when people use objective links instead of cardinal directions on borderlands).

At least they used links. If people just toss out the names of it, or even worse some random abbreviation, say, I dunno, BU for Blisting Undercroft, or the infamous "halp" I just don't bother. I mean nwc is much easier than calling it anything else. Even worse are the ones calling out like, people at [name of ruin]

Granted, I've pretty much turned team chat off  since it's been like the worst  linking  I've seen in years. All it's really used for is hot EWPs.

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On 9/24/2021 at 1:57 PM, Sviel.7493 said:

Congratulations, you've kicked the hornet's nest!

DBL was designed for a version of WvW that had long since ceased to exist by the time it was released.  If you go onto the old forums and look at player complaints from the early days of WvW, people said that the map (Alpine) was too small and too zerg friendly and that upgrades were too expensive and so on.  DBL increased the map size, reduced sight lines to allow small teams to do sneaky stuff and a bunch of other things that players directly asked for...but it came too late.  The players who wanted those things had largely quit due to years of silence from Anet.  The remaining crowd was hyper-focused on having large-scale fights--preferably on open fields with no interference from objectives or the map.  Thus, when DBL dropped, the fights-oriented players hated that it wasn't 75% open fields like Alpine.

That's the short version, anyway.  There's a lot more--the whole thing is a superbly interesting debacle.  The map also had substantial flaws on release, though most of those have been addressed or toned down.  The backlash was also amplified because HoT dropped at the same time with new guild hall mechanics that forced WvW players into PvE to get their bonuses back.  This meant a huge drop in the playerbase at the exact time the larger maps came in...it was a mess.

Don't remind me man. I have mild PTSD from back in 2014-2015 from how ANet treated WvW. Then, they simply gave up and mostly abandoned the game mode. Do you think we'll get new maps with EoD? I feel they'd be too scared to try again after the massive EoTM and DBL failures. 

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3 hours ago, nerva.7940 said:

DBL is my favorite right now for roaming and dueling. I don't mind the map, aside from the useless middle area. 

So far I've found the middle area to be useful for times when I'm completely blocked off by large enemy groups on both sides of my server's territory. It gives me an avenue to get deep into enemy territory and make myself a nuisance killing dolyaks and flipping camps.

I often end up in small fights with enemies on their way back to the "front" so to speak, who notice a small objective being contested.

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4 hours ago, Grebcol.5984 said:

Simply because it is too big. I hate it when i have to walk 20 mins for 1-2 mins content. Thats also why i hated ESO Cyrodiil.

It is as big as EB. Do you hate EB because its too big?

The problem isnt the size of the map. Its the layout of objectives, the number of them and their positions on the map. DBL has 4 towers just like ABL. EB has 12 towers! That really says it all. This leads to distances between objectives being so wide there is no clear line of battle. The fundamentals of WvW is broken on DBL and it is unfixable because fixing it is essentially a new map that they cannot do because its a "only" a border.

Thats the sad truth and state of DBL

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On 9/24/2021 at 6:47 PM, Svarty.8019 said:

I love the keep lords (except the garbage robot).


The air keep lord is especially awesome - So many great, desperate last-stands have succeeded because the lord is actually useful for once. THIS is what lords should be, not some weak-kitten bag of hitpoints.


Please can we have an interesting game that makes defending viable rather than some boring karmatrain where resistance is futile.

Fire is semi-useful with her constant fearing, forcing players to wait it out or burn their stun-break skill early.


That said, PLEASE GIVE US A NEW MAP -- Cantha themed with lots of water! It can be Green BL.

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I like it, it has it's flaws etc but it's still a nice chance of scenery from the Alpine maps which after all these years are monumentally stale and boring is kitten to play on.

My hope is a new WvW map will eventually replace that last duplicate Alpine map and we'll finally have 4 different and unique maps to play on.

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On 9/24/2021 at 2:39 PM, Chaba.5410 said:

Pretty much.  Also the players who were outnumbered and couldn't counter the zerg defending the tower, to which I say if they can't muster a force against that zerg then why should they be able to hold onto garrison in the first place?

That's more of a nuance issue to be fair, since personally I'd say I was in the camp of wanting defenders to have a bit push back against zergs. But that was more so just because I disliked just seeing whomever had the biggest blob winning. I'll also say there's been plenty of times of people with that zerg mentality complaining when anything has hindered their ability to zerg in wvw, so this isn't a one way street.

Also yeah as others have said in more words, people were just mainly afraid of anything that'd change how they play wvw. It would of been nice if the desert borderlands got more love but instead it was just endless back and forth complaining from people.

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On 9/24/2021 at 7:46 PM, Gibson.4036 said:

Hey all.

I've been playing WvW a little over a week now, and in reading up on it to try and learn I keep coming across this idea that people don't like the desert borderland. Can someone explain why? In everything I read it seems to just be assumed that everyone dislikes it, and everyone knows why.

Over the past week I've played on desert borderland quite a bit, a little on alpine, and some on eternal battlegrounds. EB was fun for the constant wrestle over SMC, and alpine was fun for some of the open area and groups clashing. But desert, with its canyons and bridges was fun too, offering a bunch of choices in how to strategically navigate the terrain. I've also found it nice to have the shrines to flip when I'm not able to find a group to run with. I also find the zone really beautiful in its design.

So what turned off the community to it?


i bold why i am answer you.






because this map discourages the players playing wvw .


2 merged servers in EU as red this week and because we are red most of the times we are outnumbered on RED and all maps.... 


WvW Guilds don't want to play to this map (and wvw when they are red) and i understand them. i don't belong and i will never bel;ong to any wvw guild  but i understand them why they are leaving immediately they fight for a keep on the red map.




there is not single chance to this happen. you will break the formula 1 cars








because the enviroment kills any wvw zerg stategy soon or later. this enviroment with all this complexity is for zerg jungle puzzle, and not for wvw.



 1) wvw is not roarmers 

2) wvw is not for zerg fights when you are red.

3) wvw  makes dedicated wvw players feeling like the poor with all these masteries numbers from... PVE (who's idea was this utter BS ?)  shining next to their wvw rank .


ANET you total destroyed wvw and now you are destroying pve too by creating a pve monster... you have serious problems and the partners programs can't stop players from leaving the game.






p.s. the last two months i spend all day to mastery my chars to these new classes and the progress is too slow that i started thinking to give up the classes masteries too.  before 2 months i decided to stop the game again because wvw became unfriendly to lonely players but i wanted to see the new classes and after two months i am on the second character and i have 7 . i really don't know what i will do. the game became huge and not enjoyable anymore. after 2015 updates it's like a different game and nothing same with the friendly old gw2 game

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