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Alternate way to buy Icy Rune Stones please


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It doesn't happen often but there are times that "the pact has failed to destroy the Claw of Jormag". When that happens there is no way to purchase Icy Rune Stones. Please create a way to purchase Icy Rune Stones that are not connected to an event. Add the Rune Stones to another vendor somewhere else if need be.

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I have crafted nearly all T1 legendary weapons (crafted, not purchased off the TP) over the last 2 years (and some before that to sell).

The amount of times the vendor for Icy Runestones was not up, I can count on 1 hand.

Here is what you do:

- as you get closer to finish crafting the legendary, think to check if the vendor is up

- check ideally after the boss has finished or not right before the event starts

- potentially buy 100 or 200 spare Icy Runestones if you know you have multiple legendary coming up to craft 

This is an absolute non issue and can be solved with minimal amount of foresight and patientce. 

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