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Long story short: Nothing is working

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1. queues are bugged, you can't travel and get put into queue


2. Multiple instance, on wvw maps and in Eotm (yes that's normal, but you can't travel to your squad, there are probably 20 or more instances)


3. While traveling the mapnames changed, so a few people were suddenly in a different matchup



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27 minutes ago, SexyMofo.8923 said:

Great job. 3 years of work and nothing to show for. 

Hi, I work in web development. It isn't game development, but we both deal with a lot of the same tools and systems.

This is a beta, and as such, there is a slew of bug testing passes that haven't even been touched that will happen after the fact. Outside of writing bot AI for hundreds of users and then trying to operate a bot net in order to actually test at scale, there is no way to truly test at scale the network and user issues that would pop up for something like this. There is so many different variables that need to be prepared for, and being I doubt they used a library that was designed explicitly for this kind of scenario, particularly because WvW is pretty unique in the industry and thus no one else is really writing up solutions for netcode with this kind of scale, that means they had to write up all these solutions by their own hand. This can literally take years just to address different user internet speeds, firewall protections, queue priorities and management, dropped packets, dropped connections, the amount of people involved in this system and how to safely manage that scale, nonetheless get all of that working AND make it feel like it doesn't have much lag at all. This list isn't even a full rundown, it is maybe at best like 50% of everything they needed to adjust for. They are redoing a whole system to address the larger issue of population problems, and of course thats not gonna be clean on the first try.

So yes, 3 years of work, and nothing to show because if they somehow got everything working at the first try, they would probably be making dramatically more money by not being game devs. This is a beta for a reason, you cannot expect perfection, and frankly you should be prepared for the worst at the start. 


If you are unsatisfied, please provide feedback and bug reports. Help them make this system work better so we can have the best results. While I know most games abuse the beta tag to justify their crappy development *cough* warframe *cough*, beta is intended to be an integral testing period to improve upon systems that aren't entirely ready for full release. These systems cannot be improved quickly if the developers don't have more info about why they are happening. 

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