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Alliances and Spying/Insiding/Moles/...

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Seems to be an issue where people can join a different team than their Main guild, get put on the enemy side and then be a spy for their guild. My WvW guild and I just had this happen to us where we were being followed around by a guy who is in a guild who is an enemy in the current WvW matchup and relay all info of our whereabouts to them, resulting in us being stealth killed every time.

It should not be possible for someone who is in a certain WvW guild to be put in the opposing team on the same shard as their main guild, no matter what guild they chose to represent for the alliance.

Forgot to add: they were even in the enemy guild's squad.. while being on our side of the matchup.

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Even if you prevent their distribution on enemy servers, whats to stop guilds from simply recruiting people while the matchup is ongoing? Or just *talk* to enemies? Its not like the "problem" rely on guilds to "function". 

Not to mention you probably dont want to know how much the "fight guilds" give info to enemy guilds just so they can clash, lol.

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It can happen by accident too. I'm not in a WvW guild, but some people in one of my guilds play WvW on a different server to me and sometimes we're matched against each other. Once they were using guild chat to talk to each other about defending Stonemist, they were in different squads and wanted to let each other know where they were, what they were doing and what they knew of the enemy movement. What they hadn't considered is that I could see it too and I was in the enemy squad attacking Stonemist. 😄


Eventually I did tell them they were giving away all that info to their opponents, but I could easily have kept quiet and relayed it to my squad to make our job easier.

(Of course the solution there is they should have been using map chat to coordinate the two squads, but maybe that was being used for something else.)

I understand the OP's thinking that if no one is ever matched against any of their guilds they can't use guilds as a way to spy, but I also agree with everyone else that it won't prevent it, just remove one of many ways it can be done. There's many other ways they could do the same thing. Discord is probably the easiest - join the enemy Team's Discord and relay all the info through there, but they could also add someone in the enemy Team to their friends list and whisper them or use any other messaging program.

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@Danikat.8537 that is no issue and widely known. i even got the same sort of infos from some random salty enemy player after i killed him accidently 1v1 via whisper...


the real problem here is that people often don't even have Wvw guilds and try to PvE in Wvw. fully avoiding combat in a pvp format.


leading to servers suffering and dying, nobody doing the dirt job of fighting and defending stuff in a senseful manner. and then ppl expect the one fighting group they have, across four maps with summed up 340~ capacity, to jump border every 5 minutes to defend something, funny eh.

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