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practical changes to fix catalyst


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main issue with catalyst based on evidence (poll in this forum) is the F5 field, namely that it's immobile, which makes it super bad for anything requiring movement (90% of the game).

here's a relatively simple change that would make a world of difference. The format is: `suggestion` -> `impact` 


* The F5 fields have a CD per element, so you can go into air, cast a field (with ~4sec fixed duration improved by traits) then go into water, cast another field. casting a new field removes your previous field., ie: you can only have 1 field up at a time (traits could maybe allow previous field(s) to linger for 2extra secs).
-> the F5 is effectively made mobile

* delete energy as a mechanic
-> it's pointless, just use a fixed duration instead

* Extend the duration of the #3 circling skills by at least 2 sec (again, could be a trait); extend the finale skill range to 1200
-> #3 skill is worth casting

* make *all* (or at least more of) the #1 and #2 skills 600 range
-> because 2/3rds of skills are melee and catalyst needs to be more differentiated from D/D and sword

* Seriously consider replacing/deleting the aura line of traits, auras were tempest's thing
-> catalyst is differentiated from tempest

* No suggestion for the utilities, they can't be fixed with number tweaks, they are really that bad. Catalyst **desperately** needs more condi cleanse and mobility, so i would refocus the utilities to address that shortcoming.


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I agree with most of these.


Hammer is far too similar to existing D/D and sword but with no evades or superspeed. At the very least, several hammer skills should be made 600 range (eg: all #1/#2 skills) and 1-2 of existing 600 range skills should be extended to 900-1200 range.


Hammer needs a second gap closer and an evade. D/D has 3 gap closers, 3 evades;  sword/D has 2 gap closers, 3 evades. The hammer gap closer (water #4) is probably also in the wrong element as you prob don't want to initiate combat in water attunement.

Agree energy makes absolute zero sense for Ele. Ele already has a resource they need to manage - attunement CDs.


Overall hammer is just a mess. A frustrating, slow, clunky mess. It's like the whole spec is a collection of random programmer ideas that were blended together without any regard for how the spec fits into the current game modes.


eg. how is hammer catalyst intended to fit into WVW? It can't heal well, can't support well, doesn't have ranged damage, doesn't have good AOE damage, doesn't have good mobility so struggles to get into range... it's just awful.

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