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DX11 Beta, game doesn't start anymore

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I went into a story part of PoF with DX11 activated. Everything inside the story was just black, besides my interface. So I deactivated DX11, restarted my game and poof..... nothing happened, game didn't start. Restarted my PC, still the same issue. Please fix this fast! ._. I have a week off and wanna play the game! 

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16 hours ago, Darksword.2873 said:

What 3rd party program was preventing it from starting?

I'm not quite sure wich one it was, I just deactivated everything ^^ 


15 hours ago, fatihso.7258 said:

Anet clearly stated in their blog post that any 3rd party programs, not limited to addons, should be disabled/turned off prior to prevent/minimize the issues. Overlays are also 3rd party programs since they are not part of game and still interacts with the client.

yeah I didn't think about it in the beginning 😄 was stupid of me ofc. 

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On 9/26/2021 at 5:31 PM, Sobx.1758 said:

For me it was arcdps. I was using dx11 version and now suddenly the game stopped launching (or rather turned off right after the launcher). Removing it fixes the issue.

Problem is NVIDIA overlay at least it was for me. In general the dx11 version seems to have problems with overlays unlike the dx9 version of ArcDPS

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On 9/25/2021 at 5:25 PM, Juguard.6751 said:

Maybe Nvidia Geforce Experience.  You have to disable the overlay.  At least of me thats what causes it.  Or arcdps.

Has ArcDPS a DX11 version out already?

Just thought I should mention that the issue you had in said story instance happened to several people I know, and to me as well, after the second patch the other week, with zero add-ons installed: https://i.imgur.com/BsBvpbq.jpg

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