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Mastery Points and Filling Mastery Point XP Bars.

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As I understand it in order to progress the individual mastery experience bars is to gain experience in the related zone.

Is there an optimum way to gain this experience, quests, meta events, grinding mob kills or what?


I am working on my Skyscale masteries, so doe that mean only the season 4 maps experience will count and if so which map would you reccomend?

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I remember someone posting some efficient ways to max masteries for the two expansions.

For HoT it was just doing the AB final meta. Tag all four of those defend events before the meta starts as people are waiting. Also kill the veteran vinetooths (or vineteeth?). This will bet you a high amount of XP for the time spent.  Dragon’s Stand was the best way to grind XP as you could tag all of the enemies up to the tower for your chosen lane. I’m not sure how viable that is anymore. 

For PoF, they listed the repeatable hero points as something to do daily as they give a large chunk of XP. They also mentioned doing the casino meta when it was up and getting as many of the coins as you can since they give XP along with the events that are a part of the meta. If you have extra time between rounds, you can do the troublemaker events and the choya stampede one. 

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Events and anything similar tends to give you the most effective XP in small bursts, so long as your map is relatively active.  Outside of that, story missions give larger chunks of XP thanks to the mastery scrolls (these are auto-consumed on receipt, so you'll never see them in your inventory).


With the return continuation of repeatable hearts in Path of Fire, you can also get a little bit of XP each day, similar to events.

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The quickest "default" way would be to do as many events as possible - for the Skyscale, just joining the Dragonfall meta would help you get the XP quite quickly.  A single event yields 26,670 EXP if you get gold-level participation for it.


A less common (but potentially quicker) approach would be to do Adventures and Griffon Courses. Just as with the Events you get different EXP-rewards depending on how well you did (Bronze, Silver, Gold), but the way you get the rewards and the circumstances around it are what makes this  approach so useful for mastery training: If you finish an adventure/course with a gold reward, you automatically also get the silver and bronze rewards on top of it, with the limitation of being able to get those default-rewards just once per day per adventure/course.  As a bonus, you also get bonus-reward chests if you do an adventure for the first time ever on your account. For your experience gains that means:


  • ▨ A single adventure (for instance the Refugee Supply Run) yields (48,006+32,004+21,336) = 101,346 EXP daily, with additional 101,346 EXP  for a total of 202,692 EXP when done for the first time ever. 
  • ▨ A single griffon course also yields 101,346 EXP daily, with additional 146,685 EXP for a total of 248,031 EXP when done for the first time ever (the one-time bonus is higher here)


Even if we assume that you did all of the adventures/courses at least once in the past (thus no first-time bonus), farming mastery EXP that way would be quicker than doing events as long as you can do an adventure/course quicker than it would take you to do 3.8 events - which is usually the case if you are good with your mounts.

Edit: Just to make absolutely sure there is no confusion, you can get the daily reward of each adventure/course individually (getting the one in Crystal Oasis, then the one in Desert Highlands, and so on). For the core PoF maps alone that means you can do 19 adventures/courses to get up to 19 times the daily reward i've mentioned above, and it doesn't stop there - since the LS4 maps also count for PoF Mastery, there are 13 more adventures/courses for you to do.

Considering this topic was created yesterday, you probably already have the Skyscale trained, but if you still need some Mastery points (e.g. for the roller beetle or maybe the "Skimming the depths" Mastery of your Skimmer), this would come in handy.

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