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item row backed


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about 11: 40 pm 09/04/2021. In LA I made gift of totems, gift of bones, gift of fangs, gift of scales, gift of blood, gift of dust, gift of claws and  gift of venom.  after that I went to Crystal  Desert " lily of the elon" made all of those items again, after banking the items and changing character I can no longer find them. this morning i login to see if those items has returned but more surprising happened, my "gift of the venom"  .  also since I didn't have enough materials, i bought some of the items from the trading post, so that my gold is maybe 250 to 400 short cuz before i made all of those items i had 1k gold and now i have only 697 .  row back happened to be before, the last time I lost a char. 

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