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New guild "Blooming" [GROW] NA is looking for more members!


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Hello there! It is I, Pwent!
Myself and others from the guild Blooming [GROW] are looking for more friends to join us as we adventure through and explore Tyria and all she has to offer.

We're a relaxed bunch 21+ players that run weekly and monthly guild events spanning from simple world completion nights, to HP/MP trains, to fractals and potentially raids. To the sillier side of things in monthly fashion contests, jumping puzzle nights and fishing derbies once the newest expansion launches.

We enjoy most content in the game, while none of us are particularly good at any of it, we enjoy ourselves and are looking for new players looking to do the same! New players and veterans alike are of course welcome to join!

You can reach out to me in game at Pwent.5678 or any of our guild officers. runekitten.4893 , Franktastic.2194 , Celene.9016 , Yabisi.1570 or Zyliath.4705
If you'd rather like to reach us through the guild discord here is a link for you!  - https://discord.gg/gKVWZbFQ  @officer to get a hold of us 🙂. We look forward to meeting you all!

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