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Self segregating alliances will be the death of wvw

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Who can say how alliances would have worked but I am glad they didn't and hope they never do.

As far as I can tell, they are addressing mismatch issues by just creating queued blobs vs blobs in the main timezone for the alliance and the rest of wvw can rot.


No one can move to a different world so nothing will ever change. I normally run in a small guild group but there will be only an alliance blob during prime EST then nothing. I will be with my alliance blob against their blob NA prime for eternity. There's only going to be one other blob that makes a good match up for my blob so that's who I'll fight over and over.


If I can't sleep at 4am and want to run with the happy strangers who play weird music in discord, that won't be an option anymore. If I want to get up early in the morning for a fun ppt run, there won't be anyone there. If I want to meet someone new and kill them, I guess it'll be pvp from now on.


How would I even recruit for wvw? Everyone I know is already there. It's self segregation and that's never a good thing.


If they can't make wvw better then just leave it alone. The dynamic ever changing nature of the worlds and match ups is the only unique end game in Guild Wars 2 or any mmo and killing that off I think will be the end of Guild Wars 2 as well. People can only repeat the same fractal or raid for so long and there are other games out there now. Ones with actual finished polished betas not whatever this week was for anet.

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24 minutes ago, Infusion.7149 said:

Alliances will only make up ~20% of a world.

From the very optimistic view that alliances will be max sized with 500 members. 

In practice, most alliances are probably more like 10% of a team.

The OPs complaints are ignorant of current WvW, as usual. We have 400+ man huge guilds today, community guilds that can run 50+ man raids in prime with only members. Do their worlds "blob during prime then nothing" based on the activities of just that one community guild? 




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