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my new favorite class


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to think i was about to take another year or so long break i decided to try the necro out. i was missing out i havent had this much fun in game in a long time. the reaper is just fantastic. however my build is nothing like the meta or builds you find on YouTube. if you guys want a good laugh here is my build sure a lot of you will think its dumb but i love it  http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwEE6MssAGDbiVxGxTZqrZC-zxQY1gPJ1sTJGRQmChclAloA85A-e

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The thing is, you can use so many different reaper builds, just to switch it up. I have a full on MM build, and petless build, and a few that mix up the utility, with varying minions. I've played around with a chill build in PvP. It was mostly too weak, but every once in a while, you get that person that doesn't know the animations, and just takes all of my big chill/damage right to the face.

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