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[NA] Nice Day For [fshn] - 18+ | Casual | Primarily PvE | Newbies and Returning Players are welcome!


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You look like a good chap, wanna join the guards? — Guard, obviously


After 7 years of inactivity Nice Day For [fshn] is a returning with a new name and look! 

This old, once abandoned guild is back, looking for casual, mature players that are interested in having fun and improving together. 



Don't ask.



We're aiming to create a space for people to have fun together and socialize - be it chatting about newest GW2 info, sharing opinions on shows to watch, or venting after a long day of work. We don't have any specific requirements, so as long as you're 18+ and want to have fun without pressure and drama, you're welcome to join.


Currently, we're looking for members to fill the roster before deciding on any content, but it's pretty much whatever you want to do. We're not focusing on any particular aspect of the game and are alright with spontaneous dungeons or fractals, as long as we're all willing to learn and improve together, as we're focusing on casual play and don't want it to be a stressful experience for anyone!


As the leaders are returning veterans, we're eager to help others, both with understanding the game and catching up on the content, and we encourage our members to do the same!



  • • 18+ & laid back, drama free personality 
  • • No elitism, no forcing others into content or specific stuff
  • • No representation requirement, but it's nice, especially when doing content together with other guildmates
  • • Willing to contribute according to your own abilities
  • • No server requirements, no timezone requirements
  • • Bonus points for VLDL memes!

Guild Hall

We have just claimed a guild hall [Windswept Haven], so people willing to contribute and grow together are even more in need! We have some things already unlocked from the old guild system, such as guild bank tabs, and we're on our way to building first upgrades!



You're welcome to message or PM in-game our leader, Toast.6459 for more info or an invite. (We'll have a Discord server if there's enough people willing to join.)


For the peace of the kingdom! For the alliance!

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