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Petition to lower blast gyro cd to mach it to pvp/wvw (scrapper)

Noah Salazar.5430

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Like title says cd from 25s to 20s

Might will be also lowered from 8s to 6s to match that one in pvp/wvw

Spaming it more often will fix ev errors at positioning or short splits

It will also buff quickness uptime by 2% in pve

And it will be easier to match it to traited cd on shield 4 (20s) for blast

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  • Noah Salazar.5430 changed the title to Petition to lower blast gyro cd to mach it to pvp/wvw (scrapper)
1 hour ago, Infusion.7149 said:

You see the issue is Bypass Coating cooldown is 5s longer in PVP/WVW.

In general probably want consistency so both cooldowns should be merged with the PVP/WVW counterpart. I don't think might duration is that much of a big deal.

Cuz aoe stun break is more impactfull in pvp/wvw, and you run 2 supports ther in one pt, racher then one like in pve

About Blast gyro 20s cd with 6s might is litle longer as 

25/8 = 3.12

20/6 = 3.3

So overall its like 1%-2% buff to might/quickness and your cc will be 1/5 sooner, not much a deal more of qof as rest gyros have 20s and your shield blast 4 20s too so you no need wait 5s, in process your prot uptime up 2% too




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