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Custom Arena Reward Track Progress


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I know this topic probably affects no one, but i do some custom arenas from time to time to practice with my veteran friends. And to try the new Specs ofcourse. Getting some reward track from it was a nice bonus. Ans since i am busy the past months it was a nice way to improve my skills and also do some dailies care-free. But since about last week there is no more reward track progress in loss. Only for a victory. There is already a daily cap to prevent abuse. So what happened? Did they change it? Did i miss some patch notes? Is there a reason for this? Anyone else cares even a little? It's not even a big deal, i just hate when things change without an announcement.

EDIT: Sorry for late reply. My issue has been resolved. One of my guild's arena had no rewards on it and on the other we just pvped and didn't finish each other so there was no participation. It's my fault for not realising this sooner. Didn't know pvp had participation. Thanks everyone!

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