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I believe it may be time for more "Unique Boons" for classes/specs rather than the same traditional boons


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Iam using the term boon, because in GW2 the positive buffs tend to get called that. But Boons also can mean one of the 12 buffs from this list https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Boon



The issue I have with the current boons, is that they way too available now, to the point that corruption and stripping had to become a mechanic. And in some cases since the boons are so general across the board, what one class gets with the boon, more often is the same output from a different class unless there are some modifiers. All the classes get balanced around this, desipte classes being unique and having different issues from each other.


I would like to more "Unique Boons" in the game. By this, I mean boons that arent one of the 12 boons from the wiki page. Things like Revenant Dwarf Elite, which applies a unique boon to allies effected by it. Stuff like that. I believe these can be better toned and balanced around in some cases, where the normal boons generality gets in the way.



a class that may need better damage reduction from melee ranged, like Elementalist Catalyst. So instead of getting protection boon, they get something unique like Rocky Loop (effect) from Hammer 3, thats unique and can be balanced and toned independently of the Protection Boon, which does a similar role. We need more unique boons and less of the over spammy general boons.  

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I'm not quite following what you are asking. Boons are general to prevent the clogging up and being able to ID what you've been hit with. It's a good system. I don't believe in fixing something that isn't broken by added more things and then having to retailer the whole system all over again to rebalance it out.

Are you more thinking about traits like Vampiric Presence? Cause that's where your 'unique boons' are. They are traits people spec into in their builds. There's even unique in the masteries like Noblesse Oblige, Bolster Allies, Spectral Aid, and others that can effect just you or others around you.

Overall, I think the amount of different food, sharpening stones, runes, sigils, and gear specs more or less cover up the need of more boons added to the game.

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2 hours ago, JTGuevara.9018 said:

They already exist. Warrior, for instance, has "Peak Performance" and "Warrior's Focus" as unique boons from its traits. Now, you can make the case that they should be emphasized. I would not disagree.

Agreed on this, I can think of quite alot of trait effects functioning as some pseudo-boons on my engineer. Don't think that more focus on stuff like this is needed, they are already doing plenty of these.

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