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Take a pass at all the original profession weapons


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I'm coming in with the hard ask but I personally think every weapon in the game not only needs a pass but some a heavy rework. I think we can all agree some weapons (ahem, hammers) just need at least a refresh on their skills. However the largest issue is that every weapon was designed before elite specs were even an idea. Personally, I think they need a good look one what works with the current game and what doesn't. 


I don't know how feasible it would be, but I think it'd add a lot to the game of each weapon either had a power/condition toggle modifier or multiple weapon skills you can swap to like the original Guild Wars that work for condition builds or power. The former is a lot easier and I think would add a lot of build diversity.


One of the main reasons why I made this post is because in the Bladesworns trailer she's using a sword for a power spec which would be utterly useless. When your trailers are showing off specs using the wrong weapons (probably just to look cool) then it's likely worth considering a change

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Read the comments lol
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11 minutes ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

So enemies either take heavy damage or get a luscious hair.

Insert old Naruto Ultimate Conditioner video. I'm down for luscious hair, pandemic has made me grow my hair out and realize the importance of conditioner.


Praise be to thy conditioner, keeping our hair healthy!

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TIL You can't find the old parody video for Naruto and the Ultimate conditioner. Macy's sale is still there though
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