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Gunsaber thoughts



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  1. 1. Should the Gunsaber be in a weapon slot?

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    • No

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While testing out the Bladesworn, I found myself using the gunsaber more then the other weapons. Specifically, the GS in the 2nd weapon slot. Now I can understand how it could be beneficial to have the gunsaber/flow mechanics replace the adrenaline/burst mechanics in exchange for 2 additional sets of weapon skills, although I can't help but wonder if it would be better if the Gunsaber itself was instead permanently placed in either the 1st or 2nd weapon slot as a Bladesworn.  While we would only be able to switch core weapons ooc, we would regain the weapon bursts plus the dragon stance and flow mechanics and if they tweek the flow mechanic to be a little easier to gain, it might go a long way to help make Bladesworn more usable, even for a little bit.


But that's my thoughts on the matter, what do you guys thing?

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You found yourself doing it because Dragon Slash triggered weapon swap cooldown forcing you into gunsaber. This is either a bug or horrible design decision, and must be removed.

As for 2 core weapon sets ooc i want to keep it. Giving it up for gunsaber is too impractical. Situations change from encounter to encounter. What if i want to kite stuff with rifle but next encounter is a bunch of regular mobs and axe/axe is simply better? One push of swap button when out of combat or having to go into hero panel manually and change equipped weapons....

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It shouldn't be in a weapon slot and it definitely should not lock our real weapon swap.

At best it should be a shroud-like mechanic fuelled by Adrenaline that replaces traditional bursts, instead of Dragon Trigger and Flow being a thing.



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