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What might a flexible and engaging "mid-range" Elementalist weapon kit look like?


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I made a post about Catalyst which effectively said how anet tends to pile up bloat content in a corner, and how it would be really easy to simply make a single kit out of all of the good components that are isolated across the Elementalist's various weapons.  I tried to limit myself from making too many huge overhauls (didn't completely succeed), but the point of this is to demonstrate how Elementalist (and every class for that matter) has a really interesting and fun kit to its name; the only catch is that the complete package is arbitrarily divided among several class-specific weapons, and individual elements of the kit are often trapped on sets that nobody uses (and sometimes on other classes/races entirely).  For the purpose of this, I imagined that this particular Elementalist "mid-range" mock up would fit onto hammer (since the weapon itself doesn't actually matter; it's all just cosmetic at the end of the day).  Most importantly, remember, this isn't about what someone (player or dev) thinks what the Elementalist should look like or sound like; it's about what makes a fun kit with a lot of options and agency.  Let functionality come first, then you can put flavor over top of it.


One last note:  Catalyst's hammer orbs and the Jade Sphere variants could easily be turned into core glyphs; that's why they aren't a part of this kit.



Super basic and definitely the least interesting because it's mostly just damage; still offers a generally higher threat level and more mobility than current Fire Attunement kits.


[Dragon’s Claw] (Fire – 1)

- Retains original Core functionality.


[Flame Uprising] (Fire – 2)

- Retains original Weaver functionality.

- Recharge reduced from 8s to 6s.


[Burning Speed] (Fire – 3)

- Retains original Core functionality.

- No longer evades.

- Recharge set to 10s for all modes.


[Fiery Whirl] (Fire – 4)

- Retains original Fiery Greatsword functionality.

- Recharge increased from 5s to 15s.

- Power coefficient per strike reduced from (0.65) to (0.3) in PvP/WvW.

- No longer inflicts Cripple.

- Now inflicts Burning (6s) per strike.

- Evade period reduced from 1¼s to ¾s.


[Ring of Fire] (Fire – 5)

Activation: ¾s / Recharge: 30s

Cast out a traveling ring of flames. Foes that cross the ring set off an explosion that damages and burns all targets caught in its blast.

- Number of Ring Targets: 10 (PvP/PvE) | 5 (WvW)

- Number of Explosion Targets: 5

- Explosion Damage: (0.8) (PvP) | (0.5) (WvW) | (1.2) (PvE)

- Explosion Burning (2s) (PvP/WvW) | (6s) (PvE): [damage]

- Explosion Radius: 180

- Ring Duration: 4s

- Ring Radius: 240

- Combo Field: Fire

- Range: 750

- Unblockable

The “Number of Ring Targets” tool-tip means that the explosion generated by a target crossing the ring can only trigger a maximum of 10 times (5 in WvW). Each individual explosion can hit up to 5 targets within its 180 unit radius. The explosion inflicts it damage and burning immediately upon a foe crossing the ring. The ring’s movement speed and distance traveled matches that of [Water Globe] (hence its Range tool-tip of 750 units).

Similar to [Static Field], this skill’s ring-based cannot be evaded; rather, it is possible to evade the explosion itself, but evading through the ring will still trigger an explosion.




Water fields for support coupled with area control, some CC and a conditional damage option for field pressure and projectile mitigation.


[Comet] (Water – 1)

Activation: 1s

Swing your hammer, hurling a ball of ice at your target which bursts on impact.

- Number of Targets: 3

- Damage: (0.65)

- Radius: 180

- Range: 1200


[Shatterstone] (Water – 2)

Activation: ¾s | Recharge: ¼s

Leap forward and slam the ground, cast out a cascading line of impacts which damage foes and spawn shatterstones. After a delay, the shatterstones explode, inflicting heavy damage.

- Number of Targets: 3

- Number of Impacts: 3

- Initial Impact Damage: (0.55)

- Delayed Explosion Damage: (1.2)

- Radius: 180

- Ammo Count: 2

- Count Recharge: 20s

- Combo Finisher: Blast

- Range: 1200

Revenant [Echoing Eruption] functionality; initial impacts deal damage and create Shatterstones which then respectively explode after the current skill’s delay period (for another packet of damage). Each initial impact strike counts as a Blast Finisher.


[Maelstrom] (Water – 3)

Activation: ¾s | Recharge: 20s

Create a ring of swirling ice at the target location. The ring chills and dazes foes that cross it. Whirl finishers performed within this combo field create a brief wind storm that blocks incoming projectiles and damages nearby foes (this effect can only trigger once per interval).

- Number of Ring Targets: 10

- Chilled (4s): -66% Skill Recharge Rate, -66% Movement Speed

- Daze: 1 second

- Unblockable

- Ring Duration: 5s

- Combo Field: Ice

- Ring Radius: 180

- Ring Range: 900

- Number of Wind Storm Targets: 5

- Damage: (0.35)

- Damage Interval: ½s

- Duration: 1½s

- Blocks Missles

- Whirl Finisher Interval: 1s

- Wind Storm Radius: 240


Similar to [Static Field], this skill’s ring-based effect cannot be evaded.


[Riptide] (Water – 4)

- Retains original Weaver functionality.

- No longer grants Regeneration at the end of skill animation.

- Water field now only spawns at the end of skill animation.

- Water field radius increased from 120 to 180.

- The initial strike now triggers a Whirl Finisher.

- Recharge set to 20s for all modes.


[Water Globe] (Water – 5a)

- Retains original Tempest functionality.

- Recharge reduced from 35s to 25s.

- Pulses increased from 4 to 5 (longer travel distance).

- This skill now chains into another: [Tidal Surge].


[Tidal Surge] (Water – 5b)

Activation: ¼s | Recharge: 45s

Detonate your Water Globe, knocking back foes inside of it and cleansing conditions on allies.

- Number of Targets: 5

- Knockback: 300

- Unblockable

- Number of Allied Targets: 5

- Healing: 1302 (0.6)

- Conditions Removed: 5




Super mobile with a high channel uptime due to the second slot skill.  Always something to do and a lot of pressure to apply while in this attunement.


[Lightning Whip] (Air – 1)

- Retains original Core functionality.


[Swirling Winds] (Air – 2)

- Catalyst [Hurricane of Pain] functionality.

- Range increased from 600 to 900.

- Recharge reduced from 10s to 3s.

- Now has an Ammo Count of 2; Count Recharge set to 10s.

- No longer inflicts vulnerability to foes.

- Number of targets increased from 3 to 5.

- Now grants the user Superspeed (3s) upon activation.

- Starting with the first strike, every 3rd strike within the AoE now generates a Whirl Finisher (3 finishers total over a full channel).


[Lightning Orb] (Air – 3)

- Retains original Tempest functionality.


[Ride the Lightning] (Air – 4a)

Recharge: 5s

Transform into lightning and rush forward at high speed. Gain swiftness when this form ends. If this form ends while you are adjacent to a foe, you shock foes around you after a delay.

- Form Duration: 2s

- Swiftness (12s): 33% Movement Speed

- Ammo Count: 2

- Count Recharge: 30s

- Adjacent Shock Radius: 240

- Number of Shock Targets: 5

- Shock Damage: (1.0) (PvP/WvW) | (1.5) (PvE)

- Delay: 1s

- Radius: 240

Instead of putting a “Ride the Lightning” effect on the player, this skill now behaves more akin to [Mist Form]: a “form-type” skill which locks the player out of all skills which aren’t integrated into the form; can also be activated instantly and while in mid-air. It would be really nice if the player could retain full WASD control over the character (along with the ability to jump) while in this form, but I’m not sure if anybody at anet could code that while still allowing the player to move at 600 range units per second, so it’s fine if the player is simply forced to move in a straight line (or toward a selected target).

The conditional effect to shock nearby foes requires the user to end the form (manually or by the form expiring naturally) while within a 240 unit radius of a valid enemy target (similar mechanic to the conditional teleport effect of Guardian [Merciful Intervention]). If this condition is met, the player effectively auto-casts [Convergence].

This skill now chains into another: [Thunderclap].


[Thunderclap] (Air – 4b)

Recharge: 1s

End your Ride the Lightning form early.


Allows players to better control where they stop (or just have quick access to the post-form swiftness).


[Gust] (Air – 5)

- Catalyst [Wind Storm] functionality.

- Recharge increased from 20s to 25s.

- Activation reduced from ½s to 0.2s ([Lava Font] cast-speed; near-instant).

- Knockdown duration reduced from 2s to 1s.




Super mobile with strong AoE and a number of CC options.  Second slot skill synergizes with CC in order to deal burst/finisher damage.


[Stonestrike] (Earth – 1)

- Retains original Catalyst functionality.

- Strikes now deal extra damage for every foe struck beyond the first (+15% more damage per foe; maximum +60% damage for five foes struck simultaneously).


[Earthquake] (Earth – 2)

Activation: ¾s | Recharge: ¼s

Leap to the target location and damage foes with an overhead slam. Deal increased damage to disabled foes.

- Number of Targets: 5

- Damage: (0.7)

- Damage increase vs disabled foes: 100%

- Ammo Count: 3

- Count Recharge: 15s

- Combo Finisher: Leap

- Radius: 180

- Range: 600


[Churning Earth] (Earth – 3a)

Activation: ¼s | Recharge: 25s

Leap backwards, blinding and crippling foes around you. Your leap creates a patch of Churning Earth which inflicts damage at every interval before exploding at the end.

- Number of Leap Targets: 5

- Leap Damage: (0.4) (PvP/WvW) | (1.0) (PvE)

- Blind (4s): Next outgoing attack misses.

- Crippled (4s): -50% Movement Speed

- Leap Radius: 180

- Number of Churning Earth Targets: 5

- Churning Earth Damage: (0.4) (PvP/WvW) | (1.0) (PvE)

- Interval: 1s

- Churning Earth Duration: 3s

- Explosion Damage: (1.2) (PvP/WvW) | (1.75) (PvE)

- Churning Earth Radius: 180


[Rumbling Earth] (Earth – 3b)

Activation: 1s

Leap to the target area, damaging foes when you land. Your landing creates a patch of Rumbling Earth which inflicts damage at every interval before exploding at the end.

- Number of Leap Targets: 5

- Leap Damage: (0.4) (PvP/WvW) | (1.0) (PvE)

- Leap Radius: 180

- Leap Range: 800

- Number of Rumbling Earth Targets: 5

- Rumbling Earth Damage: (0.4) (PvP/WvW) | (1.0) (PvE)

- Interval: 1s

- Rumbling Earth Duration: 2s

- Explosion Damage: (1.2) (PvP/WvW) | (1.75) (PvE)

- Rumbling Earth Radius: 180


[Grasping Earth] (Earth – 3c)

Activation: ¾s

Blast forward at high speed, damaging foes when you leave while briefly evading attacks. You create a patch of Grasping Earth at your starting position which explodes after a brief delay, knocking down foes.

- Number of Blast Targets: 5

- Blast Damage: (0.4) (PvP/WvW) | (1.0) (PvE)

- Combo Finisher: Blast

- Blast Radius: 180

- Evade: ¾s

- Superspeed (3s): Movement Speed is greatly increased.

- Number of Grasping Earth Targets: 5

- Delay: 1s

- Explosion Damage: (0.01) (PvP/WvW) | (1.75) (PvE)

- Explosion Knockdown: 2s

- Grasping Earth Radius: 180

The pulsing AoEs spawned by these three skills inflict their effects AT THE END of every second rather than immediately upon creation. These AoEs do not have a combo field type tied to them.

First attack mimics the leap length and animation of Charzooka [Rocket Jump]; the second attack is based off of Engineer [Jump Shot]; the third attack mimics the movements of Engineer [Rocket Boots]. Each individual chain skill will respectively linger for about 3 seconds per stage—long enough to allow players to take a moment to aim (or to compensate for CC), but not so long as to invalidate the idea that all three of these skills are ideally meant to chain quickly in order to layer damage and explode together in rapid sequence.


[Dust Devil] (Earth – 4)

- Tempest [Cyclone] functionality; retains Core asset model.

- No longer grants Swiftness to allies.

- Now inflicts Blindness (5s) to struck foes.


[Ward Against Harm] (Earth – 5)

Activation: 1s | Recharge: 60s

Form a protective ward at the target area that grants barrier to allies every every pulse. Block foes and their projectiles from entering.

- Number of Impacts: 20

- Number of Allied Targets: 5

- Barrier: 726 (0.1)

- Pulses: 5

- Duration: 5s

- Knockback: 300

- Blocks Missiles

- Radius: 180

- Range: 900



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