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Just as I was about to commend Condi Reaper...


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As the cleverest (and unintentional most likely) piece buildcraft GW2 has to offer... You stealth nerf the whirling combos!

I was so excited to ty this one out! Lingering curse affects all condies, combo finishers prioritize caster, GS got its whirls... it's the definition of what a smart build should be, utilizing every mechanic that's been in the game since release. It consequently made staff far better weapon and it's the only case of condi GS in game!

I deleted a char to make room for this one. I spent money for total makeover kit. I respecced my ascended to viper. I deleted 70+g worth of tormenting runes for kittening Krait runes. I farmed my ascended jewellery... Only to find that it does 10k (!!!) less damage than Snowcrows' benchmark. Ten. Thousand. Less.


I'd be perfectly fine if you nerfed it for 2-3k damage but to make GS #3, a x6 hit skill do only 2 whirls is pathetic. Not sure if shroud #4 was also hit or not. 

I am so disappointed... I invested a lot of resources, money and time above all into this character only to end up with a dud.


Thank a lot, you absolute brainlets!


EDIT: You know who I'm mostly sorry for? Condi Reaper. It's built on an intersection of so many clever synergies, but I guess we better kitten and 111111 our way through the game.

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33 minutes ago, KrHome.1920 said:

What are you talking about? 

GS3 was buffed to be a whirl finisher in august 2021 and it counts as 1 whirl (not 2).

RS4 counts as 4 whirls since 2017 (ages ago), where it was nerfed from 6 to 4.

GS2 has always been 3 whirl finishers.


Explain these number to me then. Same build. Same gear. Same rotation. 10k less avg dps. The best attempt was 29.5k with super tight rotation. Something has been changed and it is not a small difference.

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15 minutes ago, LucianDK.8615 said:

Just because you struggle with something, it doesnt mean theres been a stealth nerf. Did you set the golem to have all raid buffs and like?


Here's what I did. I copied all the buffs and effects and food the guy had in the video. Spawned a golem and applied debuffs on it.

I'd understand struggling by being off by 2-3k damage, but by this much?

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Are you sure you're doing your rotation right ?

For example try to not overlap nightfall +  well of darkness + dagger #4 , even let a 1-2sec gap to try  to maximize Chilling Darkness; don't leave shroud too early NOR TOO LATE to trigger the sigils  (9sec icd on sigils, not 10sec icd as weapon swap)...


Otherwise, yes the build is unplayable in instance : combo field half fixed, the combo finishers from bone fiend never work as intended, too much reliant to perma quickness/alacrity, and 99% of the time your conditions (BiP, plague) will be cleanse before dagger#4.

The build is too dependent on your environment to work as intended. Not like daredevil for example where all whirl finishers are just free damage bonus, no matter the field.

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