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Bought the GW2: Collections Ultimate but notihng happened


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I need help, I bought the GW2: Collections Ultimate, but nothing seemed to happen.

I tried relogging and relaunching the game, but nothing seem to happen, I didnt unlock the expansions or get the additional charecter slot.

tried checking my account information on https://account.arena.net/overview , but it didn't register the purchase either.

I entered the correct information, so it should have gone through, but I haven't recieved an e-mail with the order as well.


Maybe relevant information:

- I already owned the base game and heart of thorns

- I bought it through the ingame black legion trade company

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seemed nothing happened, tried again and found it might be my contry's payment solution that doesn't quite work with the ingame shop, even though it looked like it. tried using paypal and it went through, now I can enjoy the content, but hope they don't charge me for the other times I tried to buy it.

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