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How to get a hold of Grimjack?


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I know he is either loved and something else.


Been following him on Twitch religiously but would like to know how to communicate with the dude in-game. My twitch account is gone/forgotten. 


he Prolly blocked me ages ago thinking Im a bot. 


Like him, I'm an ele main. 


Would like to get a hold of him and thank him personally for blunt AF streams and contribution to inspire weavers. 


More than happy to support his passion via PayPal. EU, USD whatever, NP. Just wanna have a short convo with him if he feels Im not beneath him as I am a ele and doin' Ok with life etc. 

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28 minutes ago, Cjay.6312 said:

Just send a mail to the character Primordial Stance saying you'd like to have a conversation about ele and he'd definitely respond to you

Hey Cjay, I used to second main mesmer  to learn how it obliterated my ele. Miss playing core power shatter. 


Just wanted to send dude some $$$ and positive feedback for keeping the weaver spirit alive. I know he's not as popular etc but I acknowledge his talent. Not seeing him in top 10 is a bit unreal coz I know he could prolly play w/0 a monitor and still 3v1. 

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