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anyone have some good reaper spvp builds?


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I run a fairly complicated build, that operates on min max principles, and fill in gaps to create versatile gameplay, rather than focusing on a single gimmick like Power Reaper.



This build uses Curses, Soul Reaping and Reaper, and is designed in such a way to fill in both offensive and defensive gaps in reaper playstyle. It's been heavily min-maxed, which means it has a skill floor in terms of how to use it effectively....but it really aint that complicated lol cause it's reaper.



The main aspect of Curses is to inflict weakness on the foe, weakness being the strongest damage reduction modifier in the game. In addition, Curses will give you around 40% critical chance, 20% coming from Fury, and another 20% coming from condition application...which normally is gonna be around 10% when you are using the build appropriately, which will minmax your critical strike chance (100%) in shroud. 


Soul Reaping

In Soul Reaping, it uses Dhuumfire instead of Death's Perception. The purpose of Dhuumfire, is that, when you strike foes with your your Reaper Shroud 1, you will be on average, applying about 5-6 stacks of burning on the target. This burning essentially does enough damage per tick equivalent to a reaper shroud 1 attack, so for every auto-attack chain, it's equivalent to hitting 4 attacks rather than 3. In addition, Soul Reaping gives you vulnerability per strike of your shroud 1... and both Dhuumfire and power damage benefit from this damage modifier. Although Might is not a component of the build, if your team is providing might, that makes both attacks stronger as well. 


This setup allows you to essentially take on a more diverse grouping of 1v1's, and force enemies to use cooldowns that they otherwise wouldn't use for other purposes...ie forcing condition cleanses, when the build is primarily a power build...this means the enemy has to focus on multiple damage types which gives you more time to react and play the dominant role in the fight. 


Other Synergies

The last pillar of the build comes from boon corruption via Shroud 2. Ideally, you want to use shroud 2 as both an aufensive tool and a defensive mobility tool, that will strip conditions from the opponent. Every-time you hit with your auto attack, Shroud 2 basically gets refreshed, so you can pump out shroud 2's at a rate that makes it a good tool for applying conditions, stripping boons and giving you offensive and defensive mobility in a fight.




The Utilities follow a certain premise about how the necromancer class functions. Life Force is basically the equivalent to healing skills. The more life force you have, the more "healing" you have and in turn, means you have more sustain. You can think of shroud as a pseudo Health Bar, and life force skills are pseudo healing skills that replinish this Health bar. So the logic follows that the more life force you have, the more healing you are doing. Couple this with the fact that life force is a necessary component to doing your damage, and what follows is that you want to pick life force skills that not only help you survive, but to also inflict damage. 


Summon Bone Minions

The utilities and the weapons on the build are also some-what unique, in that they are all designed to put as much potential into the build as possible. "Summon Bone Minions" is strictly a tool you use to gain life force out of combat (and in combat) and you set this skill to auto attack, which will automatically tribute these minions to give you Life Force. Summon Bone Minions is as of right now, the most efficient Life Force generating skill per unit cooldown...so using it on Cooldown, means you are getting the most life force per match than other necromancers on average. In addition to it being the most efficient, having Life force PRIOR to entering combat allows you to fill a +1 proxy role to dispatch fights quickly without having to warm up your Life Force bar, and be prepared to take on damage as a defensive tool.


Spectral Grasp

Summon Bone Minions isn't enough to keep your Life Force Juice up all the time, and this is where spectral Grasp comes in to basically fill that void. It can give you potentially 80% life force in an instant, and also couples as a CC and spike to land Shroud 1's.


Spectral Walk

Pretty self explanatory...it's a life force generating tool, a condition cleanse, and a mobility tool....pretty much a staple for all reaper builds.



This build uses Dagger/Warhorn and Axe/Focus. The purpose for these weapon sets is that they are versatile for a number of situations. You use Dagger 2 and Axe 2 as a ranged spike and to maintain Out of Shroud pressure against an enemy. Dagger 1 is your essential melee pressure tool and Life force generator, Focus 4 and Focus 5 is another combo you can use to pressure the enemy and starve them of boons as you amass your life force in combat. Another thing to mention: Dagger 3 is criminally underrated. Can't tell you how many times i've used Dagger 3 -> Reaper Shroud 1 spam and killed people like this. Use Dagger 3 as a setup while your Spectral Grasp is on cooldown. 



The gear is really a toss up, where you can mix and match pretty much anything you want...depending on how much you want to lean towards any particular playstyle. The build allows you to take on a diverse set of fights...1v1's, +1's Teamfights and so on. The amulet can really be Either Berserker, Assasins or Destroyers...depending on what kind of damage you need or if you feel like you aren't getting enough critical chance. In practice, destroyers is the ideal amulet. The Rune is also pretty much a toss up...i usually like to take Eagle Runes...But Flame Legion...Rune of the Thief are also good choices...just depends on how comfortable you are with crit-cap...but you always want to be capping crit no matter what so sometimes it's better safe then sorry. 


There's probably a lot more to say about the build, but once you understand the premise for how it works, and how to use it, you will find the build is very strong. I almost never lose fights with this build unless i get really out of pocket and try to take on 1v3's or fighting 1v1's i know i can't take. Speaking of which, this build can take on many kinds of 1v1's...it's most difficult 1v1 however is MM necro...mostly because they are good at reverting conditions back on to you. In addition, builds that are condi heavy can be tough on this build due to the lack of condition cleanses (There are only 2, so you got to be careful how you use those) but if you are dodging things you can take on some condi-builds. 



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Get the blood reaper PvP build from metabattle. Play some games with it, try to understand how it works.

Reaper is a fragile class so you need to carefully position yourself and be ready to disengage or kite. Enemies will often focus on you, so be prepared.


Some basic tips  on the class.

At start try to build lifeforce (use your staff marks, axe, focus #4).
Do not face tank groups. instead look for kill/cleave/big dps opportunities.

When you are focused by enemy group and low on lifeforce disengage. Use Shroud #2 Death's Charge to run away, Spectral Walk, Flesh wurm port (Necrotic Traversal) if stunned.

Avoid 1v1s and stay close to your group.

Keep an eye on the map for thieves, mesmers they are your nemesis and should avoid them at all cost.

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