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[Bug] Raid W4 Samarog Launch Fixate Vertically into Air


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Was running CM Samarog the other night and run into this bug. While fixated, by jumping as Samarog slammed the ground I'll launch vertically up into the air. My assumption is that it is caused by something like:
- the knockback attack 'starts' before his spears actually slam into the ground, originating at a point in the air and moving down

- by jumping up, the character model gets hit by the attack, and the character moving up combined with the attack coming down and knockback effect in the attack launches the character

Squadmates said it looked like I practically teleported up into the air. I was able to recreate the bug again on the next run because I was curious, but did not extensively work to figure it out because due to not wanting to use up the time of the entire squad.


NA, 7:46 pm mountain standard time on Monday, September 20th 2021.

Character: Valentina Asimov, level 80 human mesmer
Account name: noel.7249
Map: Bastion of the Penitent

Squad: Raid mode, 10 members.


POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsNm6FWg05s


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