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[NA][Raids] Sagging Loot [Bags] is recruiting!

To Be Frank.1304

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We are a small, semi-hardcore raiding guild with a focus on constant progression and we are currently recruiting a quickness player for our Monday/Tuesday clear group.


We also offer a training/progression night for less experienced raiders who are interested in additional practice, learning new roles, or trying more advanced strats.


Discord required, must be 18+, we are a group of absolute degenerates.


Clear Group:

Monday: 9pm EST (3 hours)

Tuesday: 9:15pm EST (1.5 - 2 hours)


We are currently looking for a quickness player who can play all boon chrono variants (condi stm, power stm, inspi), CQB, and boon DD. You should be able to tank on chrono and cqb where needed.


You must be w1-7 exp; we will be asking for some logs. We also ask that you hit at least 85%+ bench on both power and condi dps. Be willing to gear up and learn additional things as needed.


We are always looking for more fills as well, especially with school and work getting busier this time of year. 


Progression/Training Night:

Saturday: 9:15pm EST (2 - 2.5 hours)


For those of you interested in a training/progression night centered around advanced strats, we run training/progression runs on Saturdays each week. We will be going over some more advanced strategies while still getting the basics of the fights down.


We expect you to be able to hit 80%+ bench on a condi and power DPS, and to be able to keep up adequate boons and dps on any support role you might want to play. Most importantly, have a positive attitude and be willing to learn and improve.


This is a good opportunity for returning raiders who want to brush up or learn the latest wings, and for newer raiders who have put work in on their classes and who want to push themselves more.


If you would like to apply for our clear group, or you are interested in joining for progression/training opportunities, please fill out the form here: https://bit.ly/3cXqWh3


Feel free to reach out to me in game (To Be Frank.1304) or on Discord (To Be Frank#9999) if you have any questions.

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