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Open World/Fractal/Allround PvE Soulbeast Build ideas and feedback:)!


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Greetings fellow ranger players!

I have been messing around with condition and Hybrid soulbeast builds lately and I'm very interested to see what your takes on these build ideas  are(and suggestions on how to make them more fun)!


To start things off, I have a condition build based off off popular condition builds on Metabattle/Snow Crows and I tweaked it a bit so that it has two main goals:

1) Being able to put out quite a lot of damage, making it perform decent in fractals, rather difficult encounters but also general open world.

2) Having access to quite some reactionary defensive capabilities, e.g. being able to use some evades/mobility, which can reward you with quite a bit of survivability. My idea was to have a build which rewards good timing for defense.

The build I'm talking about is this one:


It uses a dagger/dagger + shortbow setup which I think feels rather nice:), although shortbow potentially could be replaced by an axe setup, I have seen builds run dagger/axe + axe/dagger which could work great here as well I think!

This build has access through evades with the shortbow #3 skill, offhand dagger #4 skill, the griffon stance utility skill as well as a general increase in endurance regeneration through "Natural Vigor" in the Wilderness Survival traitline:)! The equipment is entirely dps-focused, having all Viper's stats and Mad King runes. I'm however still looking for a good combo rotation on this build, I like it when a build has quite a high skillceiling, when it's rewarding good knowledge/mastery of the build! If someone has some advice to perhaps create a bigger sense of depth to this build, I would love to hear it!

Currently I'm thinking of something along the lines off "One Wolf Pack" ->"Vulture Stance" and "Sharpening Stone" -> shortbow #2 & #4 (keeping #3 for the evade and #5 for breakbars) -> weapon swap -> Dagger #5 -> Dagger #3 -> Dagger #2 -> autoattacks untill #2 is available again, while using #3 for quickness off cooldown. Disenganging could be done with dagger #5 then weapon swap and shortbow #3. For the Soulbeast skills I think the F2 skill of Boar is a good (re)engage skill, and F1 and F3 can generally be used off off cooldown or in between dagger #2 cooldowns!


The other build is a hybrid soulbeast build from Mukluk/Snow Crows which I would love to make a tad more survivable in general PvE, perhaps by the integration of something like Griffon Stance or an offhand dagger setup, although I'm a bit lost on how exactly to do it without sacrficing too much dps/offensive skills or the rotation of the build. Perhaps the Sharpening Stone or Vulture Stance skill could be replaced for a more defensive option? Perhaps the Axe/Torch can be switched to Axe/Dagger? 



I'm curious what your opinions are (or what your preferred hybrid/condi builds for PvE are)!


Thank you in advance and cheers,



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I did some theorycrafting last night and can share some results..

If i look at your dagger/dagger - shortbow setup there, besides dagger auto its practically just a pure condi build. Therefore i would gear it accordingly. I would also focus on poison more than bleeding with those weapons. In that case check out the Thorns condi runes. Now personally if i was doing so little power damage i would just swap vipers for trailblazer and gain a huge amount of survival but i just have a special love for trailblazer on all builds as dying sucks. In the build i linked below its all damage utility, personally i like a defensive skill at least 1 so then i would swap out sharpened blades. Compare dmg/cooldown (its more dmg over time with the nest) with vipers nest and consider that the build seriously lacks aoe too. You can also look into entangle instead of one wolf pack.


If i however was using some kinda axe setup with bleeds all over i'd go krait(bleed) runes hands down, your dps comes from conditions still mostly so its a bit of a waste to go for power runes with bleed duration. I would also swap wilderness survival to beast mastery in that case.

I was trying to make a good hybrid build using mostly celestial with a few diviners mix for 100% boon duration for might, perm protection, good self healing etc. Obviously its not competitive on meters, but very much survival.


I'm still quite into it, but i now think instead of that i will just have a trailblazer max condi dagger/x - shortbow build for tough stuff similar to the one i linked above, then a diviner's longbow/greatsword 100% boon duration markmanship for most content or skirmishing for 100% crit chance on tryhard stuff without relying on anyone else. Stacking might,fury and quickness for self, if using bow at range  over 100% uptime on quickness too. gaining 16 sec quickness on the first hit its not too bad. Can put a dagger/Axe instead of greatsword and get 100% quickness even when not at range if one wanted, too.



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