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[NA][sos][WvW] Strike Force [SF] Recruiting all meta class

ghost scyth.3148

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[SF] Strike Force is one of the oldest Guild Wars 2 gaming communities, which finds its roots in 1998. We are located on Sanctum of Rall.  We are currently looking to recruit new, returning, and current players to join our guild for WvW fun. While our guild is mostly focused on playing WvW, we do spend time playing PvE doing Fractals, Raids, and Strikes.

Come join us as we watch newly released movies during movie nights, stay up late and play party games with the guild, and show off being a virtuoso by joining us for karaoke nights. Our intention is to grow the guild, improve our skills as a guild, and still have time for guild fun. 


WvW Raid Schedule
Static raid days: (We rally 2 day Saturday/Sunday) EST
Bonus day:

Raid Start Time: 9pm est

Run meta builds and classes that fit to our WvW squad composition.
Willing to learn and improve as well as take constructive criticism.
Join us on Discord for communication. While having a microphone is preferred, it is not a requirement

Current Needs
Firebrands (5)
Scrappers (5)
Spellbreakers (5)
Chronomancers (5)

Heralds (5)

scourge (5)

Tempests (5)

How to Join
Apply at https://strikeforceguild.com/apply
Contact one of the GMs below

gw2 gm  manda.7581

gw2 gm Glumpineapple.5270

Taygeta: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrSZILQdgh5wxJs7yY7X0UQ
Paul: https://www.youtube.com/user/Pjmisz/videos

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