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Cheese and Salt on the Wound LW-S4-E6 Achievement strategy


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During Living World Season 4 Episode 6 War Eternal achievement mastery the only achievement that gave me issues was Salt on the Wound (break 10 weak points during the chase part of The End). The achievement seemed broken, with a lot of the shots seemingly missing.

However after swinging the camera around wildly I can confirm all shots do land, even if they appear to miss by a wide margin, it just appears in random looking locations.

What can cause issues is that the swapping targets function doesn't work in this instance and you need to mouse click each target manually.


I found a cheese strategy that means the threshold you're aiming for is a lot easier to reach.

The chase starts with Aurene catching up to Kralkatorak's head to get their attention. This weak point is guaranteed, you'll stay up there until the weak point is broken. Our strategy will be to break this weak point several times over.

After breaking the face weak point you fly back to the tail and get bombarded by giant crystals.

The trick is to get hit by as many crystals as possible. You normally need 3 hits to be defeated and warp back to the start of the chase.

Once you go back you can break another weak point, which means the 9 more you need to break on Kralk's body drops to 8 or 7 as long as you get lucky and catch enough crystals to reset the chase.


It's not guaranteed, but since you need to hit each weak point 3 times to defeat them according to the wiki, this was 6 less hits that I had to squeeze in on the bombing run sections of the chase.


It's difficult to get any more information on this strategy now that I have the achievement, so if anyone else was stuck on this achievement can you give this strategy a try and see if it does make a measurable difference.

If it does work we should add it to the wiki as currently the only useful details is that the tracking for the achievement seems to be based on damage dealt rather than actually weak points destroyed. 

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I just want to say thank you because this trick got me the achieve on my first try after about 10 or so attempts with other strategies.


For anyone else that finds this thread, you can also remove all of your armour and you will die from only two crystals, but after destroying the eye three times the game seems to only spawn one crystal in each wave, so you need to be lucky or good at predicting where you need to be to get hit by two of them, whereas for the first few waves you can basically sit still and get hit. 

Afterwards I just kind of targeted whatever weak point I wanted as soon as they showed up and spammed the 1 key. Didn't see any of them visually lose health or be destroyed but I got the achievement when it went to the last zone. 

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Very easier is another way that worked for me and my wife also:

Just pick one(!) spot first on the body and spam your "1"-attack. Ignore missing damage numbers or obvioulsy missed shots. Just spam "1". Then on the left wing the same, pick one(!) spot and spam the attack, and of course same for the right wing. The achievement will come after the dragon passes the next portal or short after.

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