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Good Reaper WvW Builds


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gw2mists is a good resource for WvW builds


Making different builds for different fight scaling is important. When roaming you'll want a lot of individual stunbreaks and blood magic trait, as well as cleansing/energy sigils. When zerging you'll rely on party stab and you'll want wells, more DPS, less marauder gear and more AoE corruption.

Just use runes with some movement speed, such as fireworks or speed(+SoS trait), you have a couple teleport options and a leap but really nothing else as a mobility option.

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Depends on what type of role you're doing in wvw a well. Roaming solo? You want mobility and survivability. Group play? Very different. I generally run small roaming builds, either solo or with small groups.

As a roamer, I run the following builds with a mix of marauder and speed runes with decent success.




I run the first one mostly. It's heavier damage, slightly less boon strip but still a decent amount with GS4, Axe 3, and focus 5.  The autoattacks just chunk people. Even post signet nerf, the spite signet trait is worthwhile as it still regens a decent amount of LF in shroud and ensures I have a near full bar, and the passive heal isn't bad. Most importantly is the cooldown reduction on the signet heal while in shroud.  I double up on the CC reduction /break shroud skills as this build does not have a meaningful condi removal method other than a cleansing sigil and spectral walk, so I try to make sure I target the meaningful ones instead. Still, autoattacking players for 7k is just fun. Res signet is pretty clutch in small group play as well.

Second build is a bit more interesting. More survivability.  Less shroud sustain, except frm condis. I run this one when I'm fighting heavy condi users or need a bit more sustain. Playstyle is different with this one. The first spite build is very in, cleave things to hell, get out. This build is a bit more in and out relying on your shouts to reduce cooldowns and chip away more while surviving.

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