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Personal toughts on traitlines and their problems: Warrior edition.


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An easy to define profession, but a true chaos of traitlines. The traits themselves are ok, clear and powerful, the problem is the fact they are placed randomly in the skill tree. Let’s talk before all about my idea of the elite specs, in order to define which line is used by who.

The tanky warrior is the Spellbreaker, based on Defense and Tactics. It focus on tankynes and boon share, while removing boons from enemies.

Berserker is the condi dps, based on Arms and Discipline. With longbow and sword+torch he strike the goal of his role.

The incoming Bladesworn is the power dps one, based on Strength and Arms. Personally I will use him with rifle. I think the design based on the ammos is cool, but give him another greatsword is repetitive. The megadamage hit is ok in pve, but in each other game mode is very bad. The gm trait is designed to make it more viable, but it needs more cast time and damage reduction. The utility are ok, he already has all the damage he needs, some flexibility is worth. I’m not a warrior player and talking to friends they basically said they feel it clunky and they feel stupid playing him. All the goal is charge flow and discharge it. In raid it’s good have and entry level dps, but it is a bit too much low skill to use many think.

Strength and Defense is probably the “flex” one, shall we call him the “Brute”? With the addition of staff and using also hammer and maces, he will be the master of crowd control. Probably he will have some special burst skill for chase the opponent.

The support warrior, maybe the “Charger”, con count on Tactics and Discipline. For him I imagine the main hand pistol, usable with greatsword and warhorn for give important boons such quickness and alacrity. Probably a mini reword of the greatsword will be needed. The boomerang blade shall be only a throw, but the character will make a little dash in that direction for recover the weapon, gaining cooldown for that. I suppose as a Charger your goal will be inspire allies diving into battle with many movement skill, encouraging shouts and banners, and spreading tons of swiftness and quickness. For healping allies with a main hand pistol, you shall have a signal shot that will mark the enemy, making allies deal more damage to him.

As I said before, traitlines actually are chaotic, so I will rapidly suggest which trait shall be moved in order to make him be used by the right type of specialization:

-Brave stride, based on movement, goes on minor master on tactics.

-Restorative strength, as based on might gain, shall be used by a mightgiver, so major master tactics.

-Forceful greatsword, as used by a high movement weapons, goes on major master discipline.

-Great fortitude goes on major master defense.

-Might makes right should be a defense major grandmaster, working with might and heal.

-Opportunist works with immobilize, so I chose it as a minor adept trait for discipline.

-Unsuspecting foe is based on cc, so a major adept spot for strength isn’t bad.

-Furious and Crackshot swap their places in order to make Bladesword use better the rifle without let the Berserker a single useful trait.

-Dogged march is based on movement, so it shall go in a major master spot for discipline.

-Armored attack gives power, so which spot is better than a major master of strength?

-Clensing ire is the last one I moved, just because the others were already. The last spot left for him was major adept for strenght.

-Leg specialist is very useful, but is a choice that negates the trait for warhorn. I moved into a major grandmaster spot for discipline.

-Empowered is a good traitline, but I personally prefer downgrade him as a major adept tactics trait.

-Warrior’s cunning shall be used by Bladesworn, so I put it into the major adept arms place.

-Shrug it off it’s ok, but I needed space so I moved it on discipline, a major grandmaster trait.

-Versatile rage I think should be reworked into something more useful for berserker and moved into a major grandmaster discipline spot.

-Doubled standards it’s too good to be a choice, I will see it as the minor grandmaster trait for discipline.

-Destruction of the empowered is a good dps option, so major master strength.

-Versatile power I think would be good as a major adept for defense.

 -Axe mastery will be good as a major master trait for discipline.

-Heightened focus is basically a burst dps option, good for the major grandmaster strength.

-Burst mastery is good for both the offensive specs, so a major master spot in the arms traitline is perfect.

I think something more can be improved, but honestly put some orders into the traitlines and define what every line do is a very good way to start a better definition of the traits you want use for define the gameplay of your character.

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6 hours ago, DanAlcedo.3281 said:

Spellbreaker is for PvP

Berserker is Power and Condi DPS on Golem/Raid bosses. 

Bladesworn taking the Power Dps role from Berserker is not needed. 


I just wish they had their niche in all modes, and they didn't step on each others toes or roles.

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7 hours ago, DanAlcedo.3281 said:

Spellbreaker is for PvP

Berserker is Power and Condi DPS on Golem/Raid bosses. 

Bladesworn taking the Power Dps role from Berserker is not needed. 


At the same time i agree and disagree. I agree SPB work better in pvp (like basically should do the tanks, as pvp is a game mode based on survive ability) and i agree that Berserker is good in raids. The point i disagree is the same Vancho exposed not much ago: they should not be locked for the game mode, but for the gamplay. Something will be stronger in a mode or another, but i think the goal of the elite specs is give a focused gameplay. In my opinion they should just make Bladesworn less clunky, allowing him to play more game modes (because i know, actually it's playable only in raids).

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