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Looking for EU Guild


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I am looking for a friendly European guild (preferabbly 18+).


I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since the first public beta back in April 2012. Before GW2 came out, I also used to play Guild Wars 1 (started in June/July 2005). You can say I've been playing in the Guild Wars universe since almost day 1.


I'm a casual player nowadays who enjoys playing the game at my own pace. I'm mainly a PVE player, but I sometime enjoys WvW runs. I'm a complete noob when it comes to raids, since I was not into them when they first came out and then it was too late cause everyone expected pros in the party.

I also enjoy rambling on the good old days of GW1. xD


I mainly play in the evening (CET) on the Piken Square server, and my main is a human elementlaist.

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Hello there traveler,


Why not join the squirrel family on our adventures?


Since we're an old Guild that is being rebuild, our priorities would be to get more members, gear up and have fun. Guild missions are always Sunday evenings, We run fractals at all levels daily, we do raid trainings on Saturdays and have static groups for clears Monday and Tuesday. we do full weekly strike clear on Fridays, daily dragon response missions and dungeons for all levels


We truly wish to make our guild a welcoming place where everybody can be themselves and meet new people. It would be greatly appreciated if you join our Discord server, if you're willing to join us, so we can make it easier to keep track of things, and well, have it as a place to chill. ^^


With the alliance update we will be running WvW and we are currently doing pvp on Thursdays.


We are also organizing a Halloween Fashion contest on the 31/10 with a price pool where anyone can donate to. AT the end of the contest the top 10 players will receive a gold price



Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/hVwYH7NP4P you don't happen to have Discord, you can send me a mail in game ( SlimSmoking.8364), or even send a message or leave a comment here under this post with your application and/or further questions.

Best regards.

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