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[EU] Sylvanheart - Dreamer/Soundless Centric Adventuring Guild

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Region: EU
Themes: Family, Adventure
Recruitment: Open!
To you at a crossroads, uncertain and lost;
To you who've erred and wronged, stumbled or fallen;
To you standing upon a beach, scattering unborn dreams unto the waves;
To you in the lonesome study, staring a forlorn gaze into the free night outside your window;

I will be the passing breeze upon your back, offering you the courage you need.
I will be the strongest star upon the sky, guiding you through the night.
I will be the song of the sea, carrying your heavy heart with you.

I am the reminder that it is never too late to act, to find where you belong.


Come war or fire, dance or song, as a family
we will stand strong forever long.
Sylvanheart is Gw2 roleplaying guild of 9 years and counting, home to the European Megaserver. Our central themes include that of adventure and family with a focus on Tyria's fledgling people: The Sylvari. However, despite the aforementioned focus, Sylvanheart accepts members of all species and engages with storylines relevant to all of Tyria's peoples and histories!

The guild likewise consists out of a variety of characters with a wide range of personalities, all unified by the same cause: to protect their loved ones and to fight for a better Tyria.

As a plot and story driven guild, Sylvanheart holds guild-wide arcs/campaigns as well as smaller event chains with a focus on a variety of story threads and plots - ranging from the serious to the light-hearted! Our campaigns thrive on character choice. Not only are there numerous opportunities to get involved for characters of all walks of life, but the membership changing a campaign's entire course or even the Kindred's overall storyline is very real. Contributions from our members are not only welcome, but also quite frequent!

Curious to learn more about the guild and what we do? Then check out our carrd over here!
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Hey there! Posting here to say we're still around, still fighting the good fight, still consuming all the candy corn we possibly could while we can. Oh, and our carrd has also been updated to be even more stylish than ever before. 😎

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