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Personal toughts on traitlines and their problems: Guardian edition.


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Different by many of the others’ traitlines, the guardian create a big synergy between the same time of trait’s inclination. Zeal work well with Radiance in both Pdps and Cdps build, meanwhile Honor work well with Valor in both supportive and tanky role. Virtues seems to be the “flex” traitline of the profession. One of the problem I recognized with the guardian is represented by the mace, by for this point I will describe first his existing and potential elite specs.

The dragonhunter seems to be guardian’s flex spec. It can play different styles, while probably enjoying specifically the Virtues traitline for enhance this flexibility. For him I suppose some more cc that the other specs, then Hammer and Longbow.

The willbender is clearly the Pdps spec, mostly designed for pvp. As it’s coming soon, I have to say I don’t think there is a bad design here, but it’s a bit too similar at thief gameplay. Probably some different animation? Honestly I don’t have suggestions for him. He should play greatsword and double swords.

Actually firebrand is the condi option for the guardian, but I think this will change when something like the “absolver” will came out for him. In my fantasy guardian will gain a double pistol, based on burning, with a flavor Van-helsing style, purifying the enemies with burning silver bullets. Flames becomes silver and gaining judgments instead of virtues, allowing him to apply more condi damage based on the number of condition on the enemy. The weapons he will use with the pistols should be scepter and torch, but I thought a twist for this: rework guardian’s scepter as a melee weapon, making the head of the scepter be incandescent in order to sear the enemies.

The tanky spec of the guardian will maybe be the “pacifier”? For the role of this spec I imagine mechanics based on aegis and the virtues become some aoe field of pacifism, a new kind of cc. Gaining two ranged daggers, he may use them ranged like the head of two spiritual spears. With them he clearly want to use mace and focus.

I think the firebrand was once designed to be the Cdps spec, but due to the high amount of supportive option is now a support role more than a Cdps. As weapons he will apply might and heals with staff and apply protection with shield. The problem comes with the main hand weapons. He was minded as an axe bearer, but axe work better with a burning type of build, as its chops hits twice, triggering F1 easier. Meanwhile, mace is a gorgeous healing main hand. I think mace should be less focused on healing and gain hammer’s aoe protection, while hammer will gain the cc inclination of the axe. Axe, in exchange, will take the healing potential of the mace.

Talking about traitlines, I will suggest some changes:

Zeal and radiance should have in each section a condi trait, a power trait and a resolution trait. Honor and Valor should have a healing/boon spread trait, a defensive/empowering trait and a virtue trait. In order to keep dragonhunter flexibility, Virtues traitline shall be the one providing resolve, while radiance and zeal will have the trait working while having resolve. Then virtues shall have a trait in each section based on virtues, working well with Valor and Honor. For the third option probably something about cc. For help the balance I hope hammer and longbow will give resolve, a day. Specifically, the suggestions are:

-Swap “Zealoth’s resolution” with “Inspired virtue”, in order to let only virtues traitline give resolve.

-Swap “Unscattered contender” with “Wrathful spirit” for let the Zeal be focused on the dps and the virtue be flexible.

-“Furious focus” should be the resolve trait, so I suggest to make it work with resolve instead of fury.

-“Shattered aegis” should be the grandmaster resolve trait, I suggest to make it a trait that give you aegis when you gain resolve.

-“Healer’s resolution” I think it’s a bit underwhelming, so I suggest to make him irresistible while playing focusing on resolve. For this something like “you are healed by the damage reduced from resolve” should make people crazy for it.

-“Strenght of the fallen” is a trait that work only in bad occasions and I think you really prefer something else in too many occasions. What if instead it automatically cast F3 instead of going downed (60 s cooldown?)?

-Probably it would be a too much huge trade, but swapping “Strength in numbers” with “Valorous defense” will make Valor traitline so much better, especially in wvw.

-“Protective reviver” work only in some specific case, so it should be better. What if lower the cooldown of one of your used virtues in addition?

-“Pure of heart” should became the virtue trait in this section, so what if it give you aegis after you use a virtue?

-“Writ of persistence” is the grandmaster trait for Honor that I chose to become the virtue based. I think you can let it empower guardian’s F2 while on a symbol.

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