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Base Story Glitch - End of level 30 questline and beginning of level 40.

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So, I've never really noticed this before because the first time I went through the story campaign, I did it solo for most instances. HOWEVER, my boyfriend recently acquired the first two expansions so I rolled a new character to play with him, intending to show him some of the other options he could have picked during character creation and during the story so that he got more of an experience for the base game.

When it came time to pick our orders, he selected the Priory and I selected the Order of Whispers, intending to show him my favorite order story line from the base game. When we started the level 40 questline, I thought "Oh it should be fine for me to take credit for the first instance where you witness Destiny's Edge get back together and fight in old L.A., every Order sees that." However, it actually jumped me over from my chosen Order of the Whispers to the Priory! It's not the end of the world but I figured I wasn't supposed to be able to do that so I should probably post it.

EDIT: Okay, so we just started the Level 50 questline with Rat-tastrophe and I was the one who kicked it off, which means we are now with Tybalt Leftpaw instead Sieran. I am worried we are doing more damage the more we are allowed to continue.

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58 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

If you accept progress from someone else's storyline, you will be moved to that storyline for the remainder of the arc.  This feature is enabled so that you can continue to play with your partner. 

It's not a bug.

Okay cool, I wasn't sure because mid arc during the level 60 questline, it kept shifting me back to Order of Whispers and he kept having Priory quests.


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